Here Are the Winners of Samsung Indonesia Next Apps 4.0!

By Arya Wibowo

The winners of Samsung Indonesia Next Apps 4.0 were announced on Monday (9/10/2017). So who are the winners of more than Rp600 million prize?

The winners of Samsung Indonesia Next Apps 4.0 were announced on Monday (9/10/2017). So who are the winners of more than Rp600 million prize?

Indonesia Next App (INA) is a national competition annually held by Samsung. Their goal is to enhance innovation from the use of technology by building new apps. This year their focus is on Samsung SDK, Gear VR, Tizen (Samsung’s OS) for smartphones, and Tizen for wearable.

Started from 25 July 2017, participants came through many selections and workshops done by Samsung.

“INA 4.0 is the fourth installment of this event from Samsung and is a form of our commitment to rise young Indonesian developers competencies in making local content or application that will give benefit to the community and industry in Indonesia. We thank all participants of INA 4.0 that reached 1,600 developers from all over Indonesia,” Kang Hyun Lee, Corporate Affair Vice President Samsung Electronics Indonesia, said to JagatReview.com.

Indonesia Next Apps 4.0

So these are the winners from each category:

Samsung SDK Challenge Category

1st Place: Mona – Arrival Sentosa from ODT Indonesia, Jakarta
2nd Place: Kato – Sulistyanto, Jakarta
3rd Place: Athlest – Ian Rahman Dana, Depok

Gear VR Challenge Category

1st Place: Go Simulator VR – Iki Mazadi from Gobak Sodor Interactive, Semarang
2nd Place: Starship Infiltration VR – Lazuardi Ya’qub Affan from Calcatz Studio, Surabaya
3rd Place: Sky Battle Arena – Widapraponco, Sidoarjo

Tizen Smartphone Challenge Category

1st Place: Crazy Cargo – Rudy Sumarso from Wisageni, Yogyakarta
2nd Place: Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender – Yogie Aditya, Yogyakarta
3rd Place: Relaxio – Adi Nugroho from Lonely Box, Malang

Tizen Wearable Challenge Category

1st Place: Fishing Go – Frida Uwi from Noobzilla, Yogyakarta
2nd Place: Snipe n Watch – Gathot Fajar from Creacle, Yogyakarta
3rd Place: Mucha Gun – Rizal Saputra from Noxtage, Yogyakarta

Industry Challenge Category

Banking Subcategory from BRI: UKM Bersama BRI (BRI: SMEs in collaboration with BRI)– Tokyo Studio, Bandung
Public Services Subcategory from PT. Angkasa Pura II: Skypass – Puja Pramudya, Bandung
Urban Planning Subcategory from Jakarta Smart City: vMuseum – Davis Ray, Jakarta
Property Subcategory from PT Sinarmas Land: City Point – Ade Rifaldi, Bandung

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