Cash, Inc. Review: A Unique Business Management Clicker Game

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Cash, Inc. introduced a gameplay, unlike in any other clicker games, that encourages you to do more than just tapping the screen repeatedly. Here’s our review.

Cash, Inc. introduces a unique way of playing a clicker game by not only clicking as many times anywhere you want but also by doing real-world-like activities. Here is our review of the game.


Do you ever want to be rich by running your own business? Because Cash, Inc. will offer you that kind of experience by being an owner of a business that is initially small but eventually becomes really big.

Basically, it is a business management simulation in a form of clicker game.

You start small by buying and owning a comic store. Then, you can improve your business by buying and expanding your store. You can own common stores like jewelry stores to more spectacular stores like galactic station store!


The gameplay of Cash, Inc. is what really makes this game good and unique. When someone hears a clicker game, they might think of “tap to win”. Well, this game is not as simple as that.

You need to manage your money and think where you want to click. There are some situations where you need to upgrade one of your stores and spend a certain amount of money. Each of your stores also has a level.

The higher the level of the store, the more profit you will have. But in order to gain level, you need to pay a certain amount of money. The more expensive the store, the bigger you need to cash in.

You can also pay a certain amount of cash to hire a store manager which can automatically collect your money from a certain store. Other than that, you can also pay to gain more profit from a certain store.


Cash, Inc.

Cash, Inc. is probably one of the unique yet underrated clicker games. The varied ways of playing, instead of only clicking like in most clicker games, will get you hooked. Alegrium, the Indonesian developer behind this game should be given thumbs up for their effort.

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Cash, Inc. Game Download: iOS (Free) | Android (Free)




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