Own Coffee Shop Review: Lack of Innovation but Still Addictive Clicker Game

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Although it has similar idle/clicker mechanics with Tahu Bulat, Own Coffee Shop is still an enjoyable clicker experience.

After the success of Tahu Bulat, Bandung-based studio Own Games released a pretty similar clicker game called Own Coffee Shop. Is it still as addictive as Tahu Bulat?

If we take a look back at 2016, there was one mobile game from Indonesia that could be called a “gamechanger”. It was Tahu Bulat, an idle/clicker game developed by a Bandung-based studio, Own Games. Tahu Bulat is one of the most popular mobile games from Indonesia with total more than 5millions download until now.

Besides that, Tahu Bulat also successfully received a lot of local and international awards. The most notable one was the Guilty Pleasure Award from International Mobile Gaming Southeast Asia 2016. Tahu Bulat also got a sequel, Tahu Bulat 2 with some gameplay improvement.

But, if you are looking for a game that has similar gameplay with Tahu Bulat, Own Games released a game called Own Coffee Shop. Like Tahu Bulat, Own Coffee Shop is an idle/clicker game that puts you as a coffee shop owner. You should sell coffee as much as you can by tapping the screen or upgrading some elements.

The Gameplay

Own Coffee Shop

Similar to Tahu Bulat, the faster you tap the screen, the faster you get revenue from your buyer. The upgraded item came in two forms. First is Toko (Shop) section that you can use to multiply your revenue or fasten the arrival of your customers at a single tap. The second is Kopi (Coffee) that you can upgrade to multiply your coffee price and increase your revenue when in an idle state.

Own Coffee Shop also has several interesting features. First is the Mission section, where you can open a new mission (or open a new shop) if you can reach a selling goal. Second, in some part, you can see a mini-dialogue between the seller and the buyer that adds some story element for this game.

Own Coffee Shop

Great Monetization Method for Free to Play Market

Own Coffee Shop also has similar monetization method with Tahu Bulat that proved to be successful. You can awake Tako (Own Games’ mascot) that falls asleep on top of your shop. Once awakes, you should watch a 30-second video ad, and then Tako will give you revenue multiplier that lasts for 2 hours. If you want to speed up your progress, you can also make some in-app purchases.

Although it is lack of innovation, Own Coffee Shop is still an enjoyable clicker mechanic like Tahu Bulat.

Own Coffee Shop Download: Android (Free)




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