Extreme Racing Adventure Review – Monster Potential, Buggy Experience

Extreme Racing Adventure 3

Extreme Racing Adventure comes with the same formula of Mini Racing Adventure, but with bigger and tougher vehicles. Can it hold up against its highly successful predecessor?
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After years of Mini Racing Adventure’s release, Minimo launched its next take on mobile racing in Extreme Racing Adventure. It comes with more extreme vehicles in the form of monster trucks.

Extreme Racing Adventure brings you to endless levels that you can explore. There are levels that can be unlocked with gold.

It seems the goal of this game is to score as high as possible in every track, as there are no finish lines as far as I play (I’ve unlocked track 2). There were only high scores for each track.

Other than for unlocking tracks, gold can be used to unlock vehicles and upgrade them. Sounds more like an endless runner than a racing game? But there are more.

Extreme Racing Adventure 3

The interesting part of this game is you can play in multiplayer mode. You can race with random players around the world or play against your friend. It’s a completely different experience that will be explained later.

Basically, in the offline world of Extreme Racing Adventure, your goal is to go as long as you can in every track or unlock every track and vehicle (and upgrade them). Which one is your goal is up to you, they’re supporting each other anyway. For me, I love to unlock things.

There are ten vehicles in total that can be obtained if you have enough gold. Each vehicle has different characteristics, one can have the ability to flip more to prevent from blowing up from being upside down (you will get that a lot), and one can have big wheels so they don’t flip at all.

Each vehicle can be upgraded in five aspects which are the engine, suspension, tires, chassis, and fuel tank. And then there are the tracks. There are five tracks that can be played (and unlocked), with different road type and obstacles to explore.

There are five game modes in Extreme Racing Adventure, which are Single Mode, Ghost Mode, Battle Mode, Random Multiplayer, and Play With Friends.

Extreme Racing Adventure 3

In Single Mode, you race by yourself until you ran out of gas or crashed. In Ghost Mode, you will race against your highest scoring run, while in Battle Mode you will take on the AI.

The first two modes you got a pretty straight forward experience. But in Battle Mode, there’s a little problem, the AI’s vehicle is often much too strong compared to mine. So to be honest, the race isn’t very fair. As for the multiplayer modes, they will be explained later.

The purpose of racing with our past and AI maybe is to incentify us to race better or adding intensity to the race. That is the way I felt when I raced my past best run or the AI. The AI was playable in the beginning, but after I upgraded and bought a new vehicle, I felt the AI was too strong, so I ditched the Battle Mode.

The Ghost Mode though, gave me better experience. I can learn from my past mistake and predict how was my current run doing even though I got nothing to win if I beat myself. But if we can have some bonus by defeating ourselves, then there will be some violation issues, so fairplay to the developers.

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Extreme Racing Adventure 3

The game’s physics is interesting. Your car doesn’t simply blow up when it touches an obstacle or by being tumbled upside down. There is a certain amount of velocity you need to blow up your car. The front and back end of the car are virtually invincible, so you won’t blow up if you hit something with them. So the car will only blow up if its tumbled down in a certain amount of time or getting hit in the upper part.

So now you want to start your engine, race, and collect some gold. But do you collect the gold?

Gold can be obtained by various means. There are visible coins that you can collect on the track, you can collect gold by being in the air for a minimum period of time and you can also do flips.

Air time gold so far is the main source of my gold collection. Doing flips, however, gives the biggest reward and the highest risk. You can’t do them frequently. As for me, I only do it accidentally when my vehicle got upside down or tried to balance it on the road. So don’t rely on flips, unless you’re good.

Another way I know to collect gold is by playing online against random players. If you win, you will get a good amount of gold bonus.

Now into the multiplayer modes. These modes give a lot better experience overall, if there is anybody to play with. Of my 4-5 times attempts to do Random Multiplayer, I only got one match done while the others got no matching player. The only positive was from the gold and trophies I got when I beat my opponent (satisfying, but too much time waiting). Play With Friends offers a better experience if you have friends to play with. I tried this many times and feel it is the mode with the best experience.

Extreme Racing Adventure 3

Albeit the great experience, there was a little bug when loading the race track. Sometimes it won’t load the track and gets stuck on the loading screen. To address this problem, I had to force close the game and restarted it.

Graphically, Extreme Racing Adventure is nice. The cars and track detail are polished well, that they can compete with other casual racing games out there. The music really pumps up the atmosphere with great cars sound effects.

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So overall, Extreme Racing Adventure still has a lot to address, but is pretty solid. You may want to play Mini Racing Adventure for a better overall experience, but if Minimo as the developer can fix some of the issues mentioned, I can’t see why Extreme Racing Adventure won’t be as successful as its predecessor.

Download Extreme Racing Adventure: Android (Free)

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