Global Mobile App Download Sets a New Record With 8% Growth Rate in 2017

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Indonesia and Vietnam are the two Southeast Asia’s countries that are in top 10 contributors to the growth, especially in Android platform.

The growth of mobile application downloads (including games) set a new record in Q3 2017. Two Southeast Asia’s country is on the list of top 10 contributors.

The growth of mobile application download shows no sign of slowing down. This is marked by a new achievement this year, where Android and iOS app (including games) downloads reached 8% growth rate this year with total 26 billion downloads globally.

This number is combined from Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. And this has also been counted from new installs, not including reinstalls or updates according to a research by AppAnnie at the end of Q3 2017.

Increasing of total app downloads is also in line with the increase in total consumers spending. In this year, Android and iOS’ user has spent nearly US $17 billion, with year over year growth of 28%. This number is not only for buying the premium apps/games but also for making in-app purchases.

And so does the time spent for playing games or using apps. This research also said that the time that users spent for using apps (in Android) is nearly 325 billion hours, or grows more than 40% last year.

Apps download worldwide

This number clearly shows that nowadays people rely more on digital apps to do almost everything in their life, ranging from waking up (use an alarm app), eating (search recommendation with apps), going to the office (use ride-hailing apps) to go shopping (e-commerce apps). Digital apps can make our life easier.

Indonesia & Vietnam are the Main Contributors in Southeast Asia

If we talked about emerging markets, Southeast Asia is one of them. Once again, Southeast Asia is the notable contributor to the growth of apps downloads, especially on Android platform. This contribution helps Android widen its gap with iOS in around 125% for the total downloads this year. This number 10% is higher that the gap from last year, 115%.

Indonesia and Vietnam are two of the SEA countries that contribute more up to this number. Indonesia now relies on the 4th spot of countries with the most downloads in Google Platform. And Vietnam is also doing great. With double-digit growth rate this year, Vietnam moves up to one spot in the 7th.

India is still the largest market and defends its position in 1st place since Q4 2016.

mobile app download worldwide

For the iOS, although the gap with Android is getting wider this year, it also doing well worldwide. From the same research, the number of downloads in iOS platform grows 8% in Q3 2107, compared with Q2 2017. For the iOS, China is still the biggest market, followed by the US and Saudi Arabia.

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The good thing is not only for the number of downloads, the increase of revenue is also a good news for the developer. It sends message to the developer that nowadays people don’t mind to spend more money if the app/game has a good quality, can help them solve every day’s problem, and  is enjoyable.




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