Indonesian Developers at GSTAR 2017: An Effort to Penetrate South Korean Game Market

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Indonesian government shows its support to the gaming industry through the Ministry of Trade by sending Indonesian game developers to exhibit their games in GSTAR 2017.

Indonesian government shows its support to gaming industry through the Ministry of Trade by sending Indonesian game developers to exhibit their games in GSTAR 2017.

The partnership between Indonesia and South Korea has reached a new level. Their latest form of the partnership called Special Strategic opens up an opportunity to accelerate export activities between the two countries, including games.

Indonesian developers started targeting South Korean market by exhibiting their latest games in Global Game Exhibition GSTAR 2017 held on the 16-18th of November 2017 in BEXCO, Busan, South Korea.

“South Korea is the 6th country with the biggest game revenue in the world with around 25,6 millions players,” said Trade Ministry’s Director General for Export Development, Arlinda. “We should catch this big opportunity. Our game production can compete and should be promoted,” she continues.

Indonesia developer at GSTAR 2017

With more than half of South Korea population play online games regularly, there’s a high chance to successfully market games in this country.

Four Indonesian studios traveled to exhibit in this event. They are PT Agate International, Semisoft, Joyseed Gametribe and Toge Productions. They targeted the expanding South Korean market along with the technology development and the change of its population’s lifestyle.

Agate brought some of their games, including Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant and Dungeon Chef. Semisoft showed of their on-going project, Legrand Legacy that will also be released on console. Joyseed Gametribe showed their latest mobile game, Hollywhoot. And Toge Productions brought some games that they will publish, including Ultra Space Battle Brawl, Infectonator 3, and My Lovely Daughter.

Not Only Showing the Game, But Also Learning the Latest Trend of Gaming Industry

Indonesia developer at GSTAR 2017

This is the third participation of Indonesian developers in GSTAR. This participation happened through the collaboration between Ministry of Trade through Directorate General for National Export Development in Seoul, ASEAN-Korea Center (AKC) and Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Seoul.

Indonesia’s booth was located under ASEAN Pavilion. Besides Indonesia, there are other ASEAN countries exhibiting their games such as Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Laos, Thailand & Vietnam.

Besides showing their latest games, the participants of the ASEAN Pavilion also had a chance to participate in Business Forum and Business Matching.

“Business Forum is a medium to share the knowledge and update the information about gaming industry. So, we hope it can help to expand the business opportunity and also build a right strategy for SEA countries, especially Indonesia,” Arlinda continued.

Indonesia developer at GSTAR 2017

GSTAR is known as one of the biggest game conventions in not only  Asia but also the world. The latest event took place at 55,300 mvenue and showed games from varied platforms such as console, PC, mobile, arcades and board games.

Last year, GSTAR was attended by 1,530 game industry stakeholders and around 217,365 gamers from across the world, including USA, Australia, South Africa, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, England, and Germany.

“Through every promotion activity, we hope that we can increase the export activity to Korea for not only the raw material but also value-added products,” Arlinda ended.

Archipelageek at TGS 2017: Bridging Collaboration Between Game Industries from Indonesia and Japan

Some of Indonesian game developers and publishers exhibit their works in Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2017 under the name of Archipelageek.

With this kind of support from the government, we hope that Indonesia’s game industry can accelerate faster than before.

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