Infectonator 3 Apocalypse: An Addictive Zombie-Themed Game with Beautiful Pixel Art

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

With its addictive gameplay and uniqueness, it is no wonder that this game successfully grabbed two awards in the first edition of SEA Game Awards.

There are a lot of zombie-themed games out there, but they are nothing like Infectonator, a game series developed by Toge Productions, Indonesia. Now, they’re set to release the third sequel called Infectonator 3: Apocalypse. What is this game about?

I had a chance to try the latest build of Infectonator 3: Apocalypse while the developer was exhibiting in Level Up KL 2017 earlier this month. Although they haven’t set any release date yet, the game is looking solid and ready to launch.

The game is like the opposite of usual zombie-shooting concept games. In this game, you are not the one fighting to end the zombie apocalypse. But, as in the previous game, you will be the one spreading the zombie viruses. The main goal is you should spread the virus and infect as many people as you can before the zombie dies.

infectonator 3

The third series still maintains the uniqueness of Infectonator series’ gameplay. You can spread the virus by only tapping the screen. After that, just sit back and watch the zombies infecting people.

infectonator 3

But the longer you play, the more difficult it becomes. Sometimes you need a “zombie army” to infect more people. Every level has a specific goal on how many people that you should infect to complete the level. The level ends when you don’t have any zombies left (because zombies have a lifespan too), or, the zombies successfully kill all people at that level.

infectonator 3

Talking about the zombie army, there are a lot of zombie species that you can acquire. Every species has a unique skill that differs every zombie from another. Also, there are some items that you can use to kill people like grenades, land mines, etc.

More Customization Aspect, More Fun!

infectonator 3

You can customize the weapons in the Laboratory. In the stats upgrade, you can make your zombies stronger by upgrading their Lifespan, Speed, Damage Resistance, Attack, etc.

And then, there is Support Item menu that you can use to buy and upgrade items, some of which are important to complete a level because it can kill more people faster especially if you don’t have any zombies left.

The third part of the customization is Special Zombie. You can create a new kind of zombies by collecting some “recipes” consisted of several basic zombies. These Special Zombies are stronger than the basic ones, but they are limited to the total of “recipes” that you have.

infectonator 3

And the last part is the DNA Upgrade to inject more skills into your zombies and make them even stronger!

As far as I can tell, it’s quite addictive. It will give you pleasure, especially if you can kill all humans on one level. It is no wonder that this game successfully grabbed two awards in SEA Game Awards 2017 which are the Best Gameplay and Grand Jury Award.

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Toge Productions said that they will add more content, some balancing and bug fixing to prepare for the launch. This game will be released on PC platform sometime early next year.

Infectonator 3 Apocalypse: Steam Link

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