Simulacra Review: Phone Simulation Has Never Been This Real

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

What will you do if you find a lost phone and then know that the owner is in danger? This Malaysian game will put you in such situation.

What will you do if you find a lost phone and know the owner is in need of help? In Simulacra, you will be put in such thrilling situation!

You might know Kaigan Games from their breakthrough title last year, Sara is Missing. This Malaysia-based developer successfully introduced a unique gameplay and great storytelling through this game.

In Sara is Missing, you will be playing as someone who found a lost phone. Unfortunately, this phone’s owner is in danger and now it’s up to you to help her.

But, Sara is Missing is only the prologue to test the market. Since it got bunches of positive feedback, now Kaigan Games releases the successor of the game called Simulacra.

The same with Sara is Missing, in Simulacra you will be playing as someone who found Anna’s lost phone. This game recreated a fictional mobile phone and shows it on your phone screen. As a result, the interface makes it look like you’re really holding someone else’s phone. That makes this game feels so real.

You will begin your adventure after finding Anna’s lost phone. Things are getting messier after you realize that Anna is missing, and something wrong happens to her. Now, with some clues on her phone and help from her friends, you must find out what happens to her.

Simulacra Review

By recreating a real mobile phone and showing it on your screen, Simulacra brings the phone simulation genre to a new level. The game mixes horror and thriller themes, so it contains a lot of jump scares.

To find the clue about Anna, you should examine all of the applications carefully on her phone. Starting from her gallery, social media, emails, to a Tinder-like app called Spark, all of the applications contain clue about what happens to Anna.

And then, when you check some of this clue, prepare for the jump scares! Sometimes your fictional phone will ring so loud while you browse into her gallery. Someone will talk to you if you answer their call, but you can’t speak to them. Sometimes, there is a ‘surprise’ when you see Anna’s recorded video in her social media.

Simulacra Review

The great storytelling makes this game feels so realistic. You will feel like you are forced to involve in this problem and must solve Anna’s mystery. All of Anna’s friends will rely on you, because you have all the clues inside Anna’s phone. You are their only hope to find their beloved friend.

If you like a kind of horror/thriller movie that use a found footage like Blair Witch Project, you should like this game. You can find some of the “creepy” footage of Anna that you should watch if you want to solve the mystery.

This game has a multiple ending. So whatever you do along the game will impact to what ending that you will get later.

Simulacra Review

Compared with Sara is Missing, Simulacra has longer playtime and also more application that you can check. This makes you must do a series of action or open more than one application only to uncover one clue. I think Kaigan Games doing very well to hide all the clues that can trigger our curiosity to play and check the application more.

Simulacra Review

In conclusion, I think Simulacra is unique. It is one of the most polished games ever made by a Southeast Asian developer. It’s not surprising that this game can grab three awards in total, Excellence in Storytelling award in IMGA SEA 2017; The Best Storytelling and Most Innovative Game in SEA Game Awards 2017.

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Ready to “pick up” Anna’s lost phone and solve the mystery? Simulacra is available now both for mobile and PC. You can download the game through a link below.

Simulacra Download: iOS (US $4.99) / Android (US $4.99) / Steam (US $4.99)




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