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5 Tips About Game Audio for Beginner Developers

By Arya Wibowo

Looking to groove up your game? From how to start tips to free audio sources, we ask an expert for some beginner game audio tips that you must not miss!

Are you a new developer wanting to groove up your games? We ask Monkey Melody for some beginner game audio tips!

Sound, even if sometimes secondary, is an inseparable and important part of games. Music and sound effects make games more engaging and memorable.

As a new developer, sometimes sound is regarded the last part you want to delve in to. You know it is important, but you don’t know where to start.

Septian Pamungkas, theĀ founder and CEO of Monkey Melody, here is going to help you tackle it. Monkey Melody is a game sound studio that is based in Bandung, Indonesia who handled game sounds for top Indonesian games such as Tahu Bulat. So here you go.

Monkey Melody Logo music and sound

Do beginner developers need to have some focus on sound?

Yes, it is very necessary for a better game standard. Even though like we all know, music and sound sometimes are still regarded as supporting role in a game -especially new developers- but music and sound have their own impacts in helping a game reaching its objectives.

As examples, Mario Bros and Final Fantasy won’t be that legendary and memorable if they are not supported by great music and sound.

What can beginners do if they want to develop the audio aspect of their game?

Interesting question, maybe the question can be more focused on how new developers who don’t have any audio talent.

The first option is searching talents that focus on music and sound development in the team. If the first option is too difficult, you can do the second option, which is making collaboration with a composer or sound designer. The system can be profit sharing or any other system that you agree on.

If the first and second option is not available or feasible because of the limited budget or scarcity of talents, you can do the third option. The third option is looking for free sources of music and sound. In this case, you must be careful about the license and requirements that the author demand. Even if its free, there are also some rules in using them.

Septian Pamungkas Monkey Melody music and sound

Septian Pamungkas, founder of Monkey Melody

Is there any free sound source that developers can use?

From what I know, there is one website with user-generated content (UGC) concept called Here, sounds are produced by its community member. You can also search them on YouTube, Soundcloud, or similar platforms to find free sounds. Usually, new sound designers tend to save their work there to be downloaded freely and add to their own portfolio.

One thing that you must remember is to read the description and requirement of each content before using it because usually, the author requests credits or some other licenses.

Does Monkey Melody have any feature that is newbie friendly?

First thing I want to say is we are very open to do collaborations with new developers. Aside from business considerations, if your game is very interesting and we have great room to learn more from your game, then we will be happy to collaborate.

Second one, we have a UGC marketplace, so the music here are curated from various composers in Indonesia. Because the music are already done, so the prices are more affordable for new game developers. The benefit of buying music from our marketplace is you are the only buyer and owner of that piece of music. It is exclusive the first buyer. You can access our UGC marketplace here.

And for other game composers and sound designers out there, we are also open to collaborating in our marketplace.

How Far Do Music and Sound Affect Players’ Experience in Gaming?

Sound is an inseparable aspect in a game. In here we will discuss the meaning of music and sound in game development and some cool examples.

Anything more to add?

Awareness of music and sound for new developers are important to grow the game audio ecosystem itself, especially the individual talents. So I hope that developers can reach out to audio people and make great games together. Because like I said in the previous interview, the best learning process for a composer or sound designer is to plunge right in, making games with game developers.

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