(Video) How Touchten Finds Success in the Local Game Market

Warung Chain Touchten Featured, local game market

Want to know how to tap the local Indonesian and Southeast Asian market? Touchten will share their experience in this video.

Touchten is one of the most renowned developers from Indonesia. Their games, such as Warung Chain, Ramen Chain and many more, are popular in local and global game markets. Recently, Warung Chain also won the first Indonesia Game Contest by Google Play.

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In this video made by Android Developers, Touchten top guys like Anton Soeharyo (co-founder and CEO), Rokimas Soeharyo (co-founder and COO), and Antonius Agung (Producer), explain their successful venture in the local game market.

There is also a nice insight about user preference of game icons, game types, and many more.

“Mobile game is a globally competitive market but coming back to the local market, we see strong support the from Indonesian and Southeast Asian gamers towards local contents,” said Rokimas Soeharyo, whose nickname is Roki.

“The strength that we know we have is that we are local, we are here, we speak the language, and we know the culture,” said Anton Soeharyo.

“The games that we make have a lot of things in common which is food. And this is a really good inspiration to make this game, Warung Chain,” Roki added.

“Part of the insight that we also get is that a lot of foodies, people who like food, also likes to be able to own a shop. Our games give that kind of simulation where you own and manage a restaurant. Now for Warung Chain is close to 3 million people download the game,” said Anton.

indonesia games contest 2017
Albertus Agung presented Warung Chain in Indonesia Game Contest.

“What Google Play has allowed us to do is to very easily launch our game and bring it to the gamers that like it, to gain insights and improvements on the game as a result,” Roki continued.

“For one of our games called Dessert Chain, we just did AB testing for the app icon. More than 60% of our local users prefer character icon to food icon. That’s super awesome feedback for us,” said Albertus Agung, Touchten’s game producer.

“We’re very proud to submit Warung Chain in Indonesia Game Contest, the very first local game competition provided by Google. We got really really hyped when the Google Play team said that Warung Chain is the winner,” Albertus continued.

Dessert Chain Touchten local game market
A screenshot from Dessert Chain.

“This is home to many vibrant local developers as well as the young population that we have which I think will be a market not to be ignored. In the same way that we try to understand our local audience, we want to bring this to the global audience and to bring meaningful content to them. This goes in line with our company name, Touchten is to touch the sky and that’s our aim,” said Roki.

“We are very proud to be made in Indonesia and we want to put Indonesia in the map as a game creator, not just as a game consumer,” Anton ended.

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