This is How Toge Productions Brings Ultra Space Battle Brawl to Nintendo Switch

By Arya Wibowo

Ultra Space Battle Brawl could be the first Indonesian game released on Nintendo Switch. This is how they gained access to Nintendo Switch dev kit!

Ultra Space Battle Brawl could be the first Indonesian game released on Nintendo Switch. This is how they gained access to Nintendo Switch dev kit!

It came as a pleasant surprise when Mojiken Studio uploaded a video on their Facebook Fan Page on 4 November 2017. It was a little teaser of Ultra Space Battle Brawl (USBB), a party game that combines Pong, fighting game, and super lit up 80’s art. You can see the teaser below.

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For a better perspective to why a game from Indonesia going to be released on Switch is such a big deal, it is because Indonesia doesn’t have access to any console’s developer’s kit yet (only in special cases). But Toge Productions managed to do that, and it may be a good precedence and can open access to other local developers.

We interviewed Kris Antoni, the CEO of Toge Productions about how it got the license as a Nintendo Switch developer and their plan for USBB’s release date.

Besides Switch and PC, is there any other platforms that USBB will be released on?

We are targeting all of the major platforms that are currently available, although right now we are focused on developing and promoting the Switch version first.

When is the planned release date for USBB for Switch and PC version?

It will be available when it’s ready to be available. But the target is the first half of 2018.

It is said that the Switch version will come out before PC. We thought it was initially developed for PC?

Well, any game on any platform, even if it’s PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox, Android, iOS, etc. you have to develop them in PC, don’t you? Although we use PC to demonstrate USBB, it doesn’t mean that demo was made specifically for PC.

From the beginning, we targeted USBB to be released on console, although we haven’t found the way yet. We anticipated by choosing a game engine that supports multi-platform. So when the opportunity arises, we can easily adapt.

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Ultra Space Battle Brawl

How does Toge Productions get the license to develop games on Nintendo Switch?

Fortunately, we have some good friends (both in Indonesia and overseas) who are nomadic enough in attending gaming events and of course work in game industry. When we tell one of them about our target, he knew that it is quite difficult for platforms (consoles) to be made aware of Indonesian developers. Because of that, when we met a Nintendo representative in one event, he gave the representative Toge Productions publishing division email and tell them that we need Switch dev kit.

Not long after, they contacted us and gave us access to buy the dev kit. Then we also met other Nintendo representatives when we exhibited USBB in Busan Indie Connect and Tokyo Game Show (2017). Right now, Nintendo clearly is more open and supportive to indie developers.

Our story seems easy, but the uniqueness and quality of the game also carry some weight. I thought Nintendo giving us access to the dev kit was because USBB is a one of a kind game and very compatible with Switch, especially when it’s played multiplayer.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl

So there you go. As mentioned above, Ultra Space Battle Brawl will, hopefully, be released next year on Nintendo Switch and PC.

The support Nintendo gives to indie developers is also very interesting because, before Switch, Nintendo only published their own games on their platforms. Let’s hope this good news can open more opportunities for Southeast Asian indie developers to Nintendo Switch!

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