2017 Year in Review: Indonesian Gaming Industry

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Let’s take a look at what happened in Indonesian gaming industry this year through this month-by-month review.

Indonesian gaming industry reaches its new level in 2017.

There were many games released this year. Surprisingly, some were already released (or planned to be released) in console, while others are trying the VR technology. The number of games participated in major international gaming events is increasing from the previous year. Also, some of them get fundings to expand their business in the future.

But when talking about released games or newly established studios, we can see the numbers are slightly declining from the previous year. Fewer games made a hit in 2017, both locally and internationally.

Looking at their movement during the year, however, we can say that Indonesian gaming industry is already on the right way. So, let’s take a look at what happened in Indonesian gaming industry this year through this review.


2017 year in review indonesian gaming industry

For four years in a row, Indonesia game developers have been holding the Global Game Jam. This time, more than 10 cities, including small cities such as Salatiga, Kediri, and Malang, held this massive game jam, marking the biggest Global Game Jam yet in Indonesia.

There is good news from Indonesia’s gaming industry this month. Toge Productions, a studio famous for Infectonator series announced their investment to a Surabaya-based studio Mojiken Studio. These two studios have collaborated on several projects before, such as Armor Academy’s series under the name of Koalisi Kemakmuran. So, this investment will take the collaboration further in the future.

Also, there is some bad news. This January also, Agate Jogja announced its closure after five years contributing to Indonesia’s gaming industry and community. Later on, the founder, Frida Dwi announced that he established a smaller studio with Estu called Noobzilla. They now only focus on mobile game industry.

2017 year in review indonesian gaming industry

A classic-style JRPG from SEMISOFT, Legrand Legacy also started its crowdfunding campaign this month. Two Indonesian games started their Steam Greenlight campaign. They are Azure Saga: Pathfinder (Masshive Media) and Hollow Rhyme (Circus Horse). Some notable Indonesian games such as Raiders Quest (Alkemis Games) and Nasi Goreng (Own Games) were also released this month.


2017 year in review indonesian gaming industry

After giving investment to Mojiken Studio, in February Toge Productions secured a seed funding from Discovery Nusantara Capital (DNC). Toge Productions used this investment to expand their business by collaborating more with other game studios in Indonesia. “Besides that, we also will increase our existence in the global market,” said Toge Production’s CEO Kris Antoni at that time.

Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF) Indonesia also kicked off its series of developers event called BEKRAF Developer Day in Manado, North Sulawesi. Every year, this event is held in several cities across Indonesia such as Manado, Balikpapan, Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung.

Some notable games, such as Djinn Caster (Chocoarts), Kuis Gambar Saku (Touchten Games), and ORBIZ (Anoman Studio) were also released in this month.


2017 year in review indonesian gaming industry

To accelerate the growth of Indonesia’s gaming industry, Duniaku.net with Nikkei collaborated to hold an event called Game Networking Jakarta 2017. This event’s purpose is to exchange the knowledge in gaming industry between Indonesia and Japan. It is also aimed to act as a bridge between those two countries.

Unfortunately, an unfavorable event also took place this month. Artoncode Indonesia announced that they had decided to terminate the development of Winterflame: The Other Side, a project which had previously gained success in its Kickstarter campaign. They also announced that their company is no longer in operation and faces its closure.

2017 year in review indonesian gaming industry

This month also marked the Agate Studio’s second attempt to do crowdfunding campaign for their RPG-simulation, Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant. Fortunately, this project successfully achieved the target.

Some notable games, such as a puzzle-platformer Ascender (Gamechanger Studio), Love Spice (Agate Studio) and Frontgate Fighters (Stellar-Null) were also released this month.


2017 year in review indonesian gaming industry

For the first time, Google held an event called Indonesia Games Contest in Jakarta. With this event, Google hoped to find some Indonesian-made mobile games that had a great potential in the local market. Also, the company tried helping Indonesian game developers to get more exposure to local gamers. Out of 15 games which made their way to the final round, only three games got awards as the best games in Indonesia.

2017 year in review indonesian gaming industry

Duniaku.net brought good news this month. They announced that they’ve secured funding from Discovery Nusantara Capital (DNC) for an undisclosed amount. “Through this funding, we hope that we can accelerate Duniaku.net’s mission to become one of the leading media groups in Southeast Asia,” said Irene Umar, Co-founder and Managing Partner of DNC at that time.

There is bad news, too. Similar to what happened to Winterflame: The Other SidePale Blue‘s development team confirmed that the development’s process was full of mess. Finally, they regrettably claimed to have run out of development fund and couldn’t release the full version in the near future. They could only do a three-month speedrun development to deliver the core gameplay demo.

2017 year in review indonesian gaming industry

Some notable games were released in this month, including CHIPS! Monster Tap (CIAYO Games), Akang Tahu Bulat (Own Games) and also Umbra: Amulet of Light (Niji Games).

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