Emak-emak Matic, Endless Runner Game Featuring Queen of the Streets

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Emak-emak Matic (or Crazy Mom Racing Adventure) is an endless runner game from Indonesian developer, Keong Games. The game brings up emak-emak as their main character which was viral.

Emak-emak Matic is an endless runner game from Indonesian developer, Keong Games. The game brings up emak-emak as their main character which was viral during a period of time in Indonesia.

Emak-Emak is an Indonesian term which basically means moms, while matic is a type of motorcycle that most Indonesian moms use. Emak-emak riding motorcycle is usually known for their mean attitude. They also feel that they are always right in riding their motorcycle. Emak-Emak Matic (or Crazy Mom Racing Adventure, in English) itself is a game that revolves around that phenomenon.

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You play the game as emak-emak riding a motorcycle.  Your aim is to collect coins, ride through hidden places, and be the most powerful mom ever! What’s special about the game is that it applies a theme that closely relates to Indonesians, from the buildings to the clothes of the characters.

According to Keong Games’ press release, there are 6 unique game features which are:



Emak-Emak Matic

In this game, you can complete a total of 21 missions. There are a lot of unique missions such as collecting 15 love letters or running for 2.5km in one ride.



There are a total of 47 achievements that you can achieve. Some examples are: running for 500 meters, collecting 500 coins, and many more.


Power Ups

The game also features power-ups. You can get a power-up named NOS which allows you to go full speed.



Abilities are for improving skills that your character has. For example, you can use the brake to stop in front of a train so you do not crash.


Play Mode

Emak-Emak Matic supports swipe mode and also tilt mode. These are two modes often used by players when playing endless runner games. Swipe is for those who love to use fingers on the screen. Whereas in tilt mode, you move your smartphone in a certain direction.


Daily Reward

Just like many other mobile games, this game also offers daily rewards that you can obtain. You can collect a total of  102 daily rewards from it.

If you are interested with the game, you can download it right away on Google Play Store.

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