Fallen Legion Sets to Release on Nintendo Switch with Special Collector’s Edition

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Switch version of Fallen Legion will contain both Rise of an Empire (PS4) and Flame of Rebellion (PS Vita).

As you might have known, the first PlayStation game from Indonesian developer Fallen Legion will also have the PC version. Recently, NIS America announced to team up with YummyYummyTummy to bring the game on Nintendo Switch with the title Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory.

Originally, Fallen Legion contains two separated games. First is Sins of an Empire for PS4, and second is Flame of Rebellion that comes to PS Vita. Later on, Mintsphere as the developer announced that two versions will be released in one package when this game makes its way on PC through Steam next January.

Fallen Legion road to glory

And now, YummyYummyTummy is collaborating with NIS America to bring Fallen Legion to Nintendo Switch. To announce this plan, NIS America also released a new trailer that you can watch below.

Switch version of Fallen Legion will be titled as Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory. And like the PC version, Rise to Glory will contain both  Sins of An Empire and Flame of Rebellion. Later on, NIS America also mentioned that the Switch version will have brand new contents, including new routes for both storylines.

In Sins of Empire, you will play as Princess Cecille accompanied by her army called grimoire who are on a journey to restore the glory for the Fenumian Empire. Then, Flames of Rebellion complements the story of Sins of an Empire. 

Fallen Legion road to glory

Flames of Rebellion will follow the story about Legatus Laendur who is the antagonist in Sins of an Empire. Legatus Laendur is a brilliant tactician beloved by his people, fighting on the front lines for the Fenumian Empire. But when he discovered that the empire is rotting from within, he vowed to overthrow the royal family. You will learn about Legatus’ betrayal here.

Exemplary Edition for the Collector

Fallen Legion road to glory

NIS America also announced the special collector bundle for this Switch version called Exemplary Edition. In this special bundle, you can  get not only a copy of the game but also other collectable merchandises of the game. By paying the U.S. $59.99, you can also get an official hardcover art book, official soundtracks, and Medallion of Honor, all packed in a stylish collector box.

First Impression and Interview on This Year’s Indonesia Game of the Year: Fallen Legion

Only one game stands out and worthy of receiving the tagline Game of the Year during Game Prime Awards 2017 and that is Fallen Legion.

NIS America hasn’t revealed the exact release date yet. They only said that Rise to Glory will be released sometimes in 2018. But you can start to pre-order this game, especially for the Exemplary Edition through the NIS America official page.

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