The Future of Virtual Reality in Indonesia: Right On Track, but Moving Slowly

By Arya Wibowo

Emerged around the end of 2015, virtual reality (VR) developers from Indonesia have been growing steadily since. But what does the future hold for them?

Since its emergence at the end of 2015, virtual reality (VR) developers from Indonesia has been growing steadily. But what does the future hold for them?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a new and growing multimedia technology that is penetrating slowly into our lives. We are starting to see some VR booth or stands in shopping malls, VR games in consoles (PS VR, Steam VR), and other applications in businesses field.

VR also starts to be the main theme in many big exhibitions like Tokyo Game Show 2017.

To give a deeper perspective on the virtual reality industry in Indonesia, we talked with Nico Alyus, the founder and CEO of OmniVR and also the chairman of INVRA (Indonesia Virtual Reality Association).

Recently OmniVR got funded by Discovery Nusantara Capital (DNC) for an undisclosed amount. DNC also funded IDEA Network, the media group of

How many VR developers are there in Indonesia right now?

We can say roughly around 6-7 have already been operating since last year.

When did local VR developers start to emerge? And how is the growth so far?

The growth of local VR developers started by the end of 2015, booming in the first semester of 2016 caused by the release of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and hasn’t been growing that much due to the lack of access to devices and/or market.

We know that VR is not just about game, which industry does VR developers industry work in besides game?

We’ve seen VR is being used in training/education field, medical, real estate, sports simulation, and art by now.

In the game industry, how are VR developers from Indonesia going? Are there any games that are already/going to be released? And on which platform?

I think it’s getting quite slow here. Some developers, like us, only develop VR games in between branded projects. So, not much gaming IP came from Indonesia. Digital Happiness is probably just the one managed to release their DreadEye VR game in Steam recently.

Which one is more promising for VR, game industry or other industry?

VR is still in its very early stage. It might easily attract gaming audience for now, but its application can go way beyond gaming. And as any product in its embryonic stage, there are potentials in every industry, depends on how you enter and how serious you are in developing it.

omnivr gets funding from DNC

VR industry got noticed by some highly respected people in technology such as Habibie and Berkarya Indonesia. Are there any plans connected with them?

We never see VR as a standalone product/technology. Obviously, it will need to collaborate with older and more established industry to grow, especially to reach the mass audience. Participating in events like Berkarya Indonesia and Habibie Festival, as well as in BEKRAF Game Prime is a good approach for that purpose.

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Why did you jump into the VR industry? What excites you?

Pretty much like any other VR developers, I decided to get into VR industry as soon as I tried its experience for the first time. I’m intrigued by its capabilities of transporting people into a realm of endless possibilities.

What excites me is that the more I dive into VR industries by meeting people from around the globe and witnessing the growth of VR research in so many fields, now I know for a fact that VR isn’t just a trend or fad. It is the next wave of human-machine interaction. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this technology.

Can you tell me about your company, OmniVR, and what are their products?

OmniVR is something which we called a VR enabler for Indonesian market. In regards to its name (read: Omnivore), we basically do everything from creating VR contents, distributing it through our VR Arcade, and preparing the market by exhibiting in countless events and our own monthly VR meetups. Production – Distribution – Marketing. All for developing VR Industry in Indonesia and South East Asia.

omnivr gets funding from DNC virtual reality

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What do you think about the future of VR industry in Indonesia and the world?

We honestly have no idea. Hahaha. Like I said earlier, VR can offer you endless opportunities but you need to be serious about developing it. In Indonesia, the government needs to fix the regulations to give more access for VR developers to get their VR related products. Other than that, I think we’re already on the right track.

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