10 Top of Mind Female Gamers and Influencers from Indonesia

By Arya Wibowo

Looking for female ambassadors for your brand or game? Look no further! We have top ten female gamers and influencers from Indonesia!

Looking for female ambassadors for your brand or game? Look no further! We have top ten female gamers and influencers from Indonesia!

In this social media entangled world, the role of influencers can no more be overlooked. And in an industry that has more male consumers than female, having a female influencer could be more persuasive.

So if you are looking to promote your brand or game in Indonesia, this list of female gamers and influencers may help you. These are our top of mind female gamers from Indonesia!

Donna Visca

Donna Visca

Mutiara Donna Visca, or usually called Donna Visca, is a gamer, model, and cosplayer. At first, she was only a cosplayer, but then she eventually encountered games and fell in love with them. She usually plays Dota 2 and recently played AOV, Mobile Legends, and PUBG.

So far (when this piece is being written) Donna has 131k followers on Instagram, another 67k on her Facebook page, and 16k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Right now she is a brand ambassador for Asus Republic of Gamers and talent for Mineski.


She is one of the top influencers in the game community, especially in FPS game esports. She is one of the most renowned female gamers in the community and also has an eSport team called NXA-Gaming.

Nixia, whose real name is Monica Carolina, is a brand ambassador for several gaming parts and peripherals. So her main activity besides streaming and playing games is promoting her brands by reviewing them or attending their launches.

At the moment this article is written, she has 54.6k followers on Instagram, 42k subscribers on YouTube, and 57k supporters on her Facebook page.

Larissa Rochefort

Larissa Rochefort

Larissa Rochefort is known for her stunning cosplays of many popular game characters like 2B (Nier: Automata) and Mercy (Overwatch). She is currently the manager and brand ambassador of eSport TEAMnxl. She often becomes the brand ambassador for various gaming brands too.

So far, she has 22.7k followers on her Instagram and 7K supporters on Facebook. On YouTube, she usually plays in nxl’s channel. She plays CS:GO, Overwatch, Tekken 7, and others. She also does unboxing in that channel.


Vira is actually an Instagram influencer who mainly endorses beauty products. But she also plays games, especially mobile. She often gets featured in other YouTubers’ videos playing Mobile Legends together.

Although she doesn’t have enough track record in gaming, but she has the potential. So far, she has 42.1k followers on Instagram and 9k subscribers on YouTube.

Audrey FF

Audrey is the manager of Female Fighter eSport team that consists of, well, females. Besides managing the team, she also loves to stream her gaming session from her YouTube channel. She is a make up artist too.

She usually plays FPS games like CS:GO, Battlefield 1, and Overwatch. At the moment, she has 76.2K followers on Instagram, 49k subscribers on YouTube, and 20k supporters on Facebook.

Sarah Viloid

Sarah Viloid is a professional Dota 2 player and member of the Revival Ladies. She started in 2015 and is still on the gaming scene today. As a cosplayer and a gamer, she has quite big follows in her social media accounts, with 192k followers on Instagram, 62k supporters on Facebook, and 37k subcribers on YouTube.

Rina Claupaw

Rina Claupaw, whose real name is Claudia Theodora, is a League of Legends gamer and streamer. Sometimes, she does peripheral unboxings and reviews.

So far, she has 11.3k followers on Instagram, 6.6k supporters on Facebook, and 9.1k subscribers on YouTube.

Belle Bollo

Belle Bollo is a streamer and brand ambassador of Rumah Gamer and xcn team. She plays many kinds of games, from horror, simulations, FPS, and weird games.

At the moment this piece is written, she has 8k followers on Instagram, 854 supporters on Facebook, and 18k subscribers on YouTube.

Erika Su

Erika Su is more known as a YouTuber who usually plays Dota 2, Point Blank, PUBG, and Mobile Legends. She also do game peripheral reviews.

So far, Erika has 6k followers on Instagram, 1k supporters on Facebook, and 23k subscribers on YouTube.

Momo Chan

Momo Chan cosplayer

Similarly, Momo Chan is a cosplayer and a gamer. She is also a brand ambassador of some gaming brands and the manager of Military 2 esport team and member of G1st Ladies CS:GO Team.

Presently, she has 17.3k followers on Instagram, 13k supporters on Facebook, and 1.8k subscribers on YouTube.

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