Two Indonesian Games Among Big Winners at Game Development World Championship 2017

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Congratulations to My Lovely Daughter (Gamechanger Studio) and Legrand Legacy (Semisoft) for the awards!

Good news comes from Indonesian game developers. Two Indonesian-made games, Legrand Legacy and My Lovely Daughter successfully grabbed awards at Game Development World Championship 2017 (GDWC 2017)!

GDWC 2017 is an annual competition for indie game developers, game development students and anyone taking interests in game development to join in. The GDWC started on the 27th of January 2017 and closed its submission on 30th of September 2017.

There are two categories to participate in this championship; Pro and Hobby. Pro category is for game developers that are developing commercial games or have a goal of developing them for profit and running a company. Hobby category is for students, game development hobbyists, solo developers and other developers alike.

Besides those two categories, there is an additional category called Audience Vote. The winner of this category is chosen by the fans around the world.

Legrand Legacy from Semisoft successfully grabbed the third place in Audience Vote category. Then, My Lovely Daughter from GameChanger Studio successfully grabbed the second place. This is also the second award that My Lovely Daughter got in a year. Previously, it got Best Visual Award in SEA Game Award, Level Up KL 2017 last month.

Here’s the winners list from GDWC 2017:

Pro Category:

3rd Place: Minilaw: Ministry of LawLasso Games, USA

2nd Place: Ocmo, Team Ocmo, Finland

1st Place: Ticket to Earth, Robot Circus, Australia

Hobby Category:

3rd Place: Pyromind, DBabicius, Lithuania

2nd Place: Attentat 1942Czechoslovakia 38-89, Czech Republic

1st Place: MONITOR: The GameDave Price, UK

Finland Category:

1st Place: Kainuu 100, Afterlife entertainmment, Finland

Audience Vote:

3rd Place: Legrand Legacy, SEMISOFT Studio, Indonesia

2nd Place: My Lovely DaughterGameChanger Studio, Indonesia

1st Place: Daedalus, Vertical Robot, Spain

Set to Release on PC

My Lovely Daughter is a simulation game with a beautiful art style. It brings a story of a father who wants to resurrect his deceased daughter with some sort of alchemy. You must create vast varieties of homunculi and create a good relationship with them, and kill for their souls. It sounds super dark but interesting.

Legrand Legacy is an RPG (Role Playing Game) that took inspiration from the most successful 1990’s JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Game) such as The Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy and Suikoden.

Because it is mostly inspired by 90’s JRPGs, Legrand Legacy has a similar gameplay in which it is a turn-based with quick time event element that the developers described it as ACT (Action Circle Tempo).

Both Legrand Legacy and My Lovely Daughter will be released on PC through Steam. Legrand Legacy, however, will also be available on PS4, Xbox and Switch a year after its PC version release date in 2018.

Congratulations for Semisoft and GameChanger Studio!

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