Legrand Legacy Release Date for PC Announced by SEMISOFT

By Arya Wibowo

This promising RPG from Indonesia finally has its release date announced for PC. SEMISOFT also released a new trailer for the launch.

After being postponed from its original release date (September 2017), Legrand Legacy officially has a release date which is on January 24, 2018!

SEMISOFT announced the release date on the Legrand Legacy‘s Facebook page. There is also a new launch trailer in their Steam store page. This release date is for the PC version only while the console version will be announced afterwards.

It is a classic style JRPG developed by an Indonesia based company SEMISOFT. You will be controlling a character named Finn, a slave that turns into a hero. You will plunge into the realm of Legrand that is full of monsters and conflicts.

Just like the classic JRPG, the game will have a turn-based battle system and lots of FMV. The battle system also adopts action circle that requires you to tap a button at the right time. Tap in the right area and you will have bonus damage, but if you tap outside the area, you will miss the attack.

legrand legacy

Legrand Legacy is a Kickstarter-funded game. The goal was set to US$40,000, but they managed to gather US$44,628 from 1,001 backers. It was their second attempt that gives them the funds they needed, where the first one failed to reach the initially planted goal.

This game has recently received an award from Game Development World Championship 2017 (GDWC 2017). They got in the third place for the audience vote. The event holds a great promise for them as they already have fans lining up.

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Legrand Legacy is definitely on my top list of want to play games for this year. Therefore I want to share my thoughts about it.

Are you interested in playing this game next month? You can add Legrand Legacy to your wishlist right now and see the new trailer by clicking a link below!

Steam Store page: Legrand Legacy

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