Tumbal: Lost Souls, Horror Game for Mobile Filled in with Challenging Puzzle

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Tumbal: Lost Souls is the sequel for Tumbal: The Dark Offering that was released more than a year ago, with more improvement in gameplay and graphics.

Tumbal: Lost Souls offers a non-linear story and improved graphics than its prequel, The Dark Offering.

Horror, especially for mobile, is a genre rarely explored by Indonesian developers even though some horror games made by Indonesian developer gained success worldwide, such as DreadOut series and Motte Island. Now, Prospera E-Studio (PE Studio) is trying to explore horror genre more in mobile platform through their new game titled Tumbal: Lost Souls.

Tumbal: Lost Souls is a sequel from Tumbal: The Dark Offering that was released in July 2016. The same as its prequel, Lost Souls offers side-scrolling horror gameplay with silhouette graphics style which describes its dark theme. But, now PE Studio implements some new features that make this game more interesting than the prequel.

Lost Souls continues the prequel’s story. In The Dark Offering, Roro the main character is trapped in a mysterious place without any weapons except a candle. With this candle, she must face some creatures that haunt the place, such as a psychopath clown and a ‘suster ngesot’ (an Indonesian ghost in a form of a leg paralyzed nurse).

tumbal lost souls download review

Along her way to escape, Roro realizes that everything she experiences is not real. She is in a helpless, subconscious state against the ritual that makes herself a human sacrifice (tumbal, in Indonesian).

Then, the story continues in Lost Souls. Benjamin Rola is a private detective asked by a family to search their lost child, Roro. This search mission brings Benjamin Rola to a place used by a misguided cult. There, Benjamin Rola sees Roro ready to be sacrificed. Benjamin is also dragged into the dark world in the attempt to save Roro. Can he finish the mission?

Non-linear Gameplay, Challenging Puzzle

tumbal lost souls download review

Although it has the same gameplay with The Dark Offering, Lost Souls has non-linear gameplay where you can explore the world more freely. There are many ways to finish a mission, and you can probably get lost in the middle of the act. There are also some challenging puzzles that you must solve to make progress.

Not only the world is bigger, but PE Studio also improves the graphics quality. The texture is more detailed, and the secondary animation like character’s hair and clothes look smoother.

The gameplay and graphic’s improvement surely will make you stick longer to play this game. Also, Lost Souls offers some interesting plot twist that makes you curious. This game is also supported by its dark-theme music, that will make you feel more terrified than before.

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Interested to play Lost Souls? You can download it from the widget below. Also, if you want to play the prequel, you can download it from this link.

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