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Wan Hazmer Newly Opened Game Studio Marks His New Journey

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Hazmer’s recent post on his Facebook page introduced his newly formed studio Metronomik in Malaysia. What kind of game will Metronomik create for its first project?

Square Enix’s former game designer Wan Hazmer has announced the opening of his new game studio Metronomik. What kind of game that he will create in his own studio?

Previously, Wan Hazmer announced his leaving form Square Enix after joining the company for seven years. During those years, the Malaysian game designer had been involved in many great projects such as Final Fantasy Type-0, Lightning Returns and, the most recent one, Final Fantasy XV.

In an interview at Level Up KL 2017 last month, Hazmer said that he left Square Enix because he wanted to go back to Malaysia and contribute to the gaming industry by starting a new studio there.

Naturally, he kept his promise. Earlier this December (2017), Hazmer introduced Metronomik as the name of the studio on his Facebook page. The studio is said to be operating in Komune Bangsar South, Malaysia. He also announced that he and his team had created a business development hub in Tokyo, Japan.

metronomik wan hazmer“The vision is big but simple. I’m a firm believer that rhythm is a huge part of our lives,” said Wan Hazmer in that post. “However, considering that games imitate life nowadays, rhythm is sadly under-utilized in videos games, and even its industry as a whole,” he continued.

“Like how music integrates with gameplay. How individual and collective pace affect production and private lives. How precisely-planned momentum can drive an industry to grow exponentially. And how an open and empty sheet of music can educate young minds,” he stated.

So, what will Metronomik do?

metronomik wan hazmer

Hazmer also mentioned a game concept that they will do later on in his own studio. He said that Metronomik will create original IPs that seamlessly integrate music with gameplay, a gameplay that he stated will be enjoyable for everyone. But it is not in form of rhythm games.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t mention very much about this plan. He only says that we should stay tuned for further information that he would share on his Facebook page.

Currently, Metronomik has 9 members including Hazmer himself. Metronomik also announced its collaboration with SoundtRec, a game music composing studio from Boston and Malaysia. Previously, SoundtRec also worked with Square Enix to compose music for Final Fantasy XV. Managing Director of SoundtRec Malaysia Falk Au Yeong will be the Music Director for this project.

Later in his post, Hazmer brought up his plan on making Metronomik grow further and that he’s looking for some talents to join him in Metronomik to fill up positions as:

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  • Unreal programmer (experienced ones preferred)
  • 3D modeler
  • 3D rigger
  • VFX artist
  • Motion graphics designer
  • Camera programmer/designer

If you’re interested to be part of Hazmer’s new journey, you can message him via Facebook.

Good luck with the new adventure, Wan Hazmer and Metronomik!

Image source: Wan Hazmer’s Official Account. Edited by Devi




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