Here are the 20 Best Indie Games for Google Play Indie Games Contest

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Here are the 20 best indie games according to Google.

Google announced 20 best indie games for Google Play Indie Games Contest this year. Which games are they?

There are a lot of indie games out there that most of you may not know. Google appreciates the developers by creating a contest called Google Play Indie Games Contest. Google recently announced 20 best indie games thus far.

All 20 developers will showcase their games at the final event on February 13, 2018, at the Saatchi Gallery in London, UK. The top 10 games will be featured in the “New Indie Highlights” collection in the Google Play Store.

As for the top, three developers will receive vouchers for marketing services, tickets to 2018 Google I/O, and of course the glory of creating one of the coolest games of 2017. Here are the three games that we would like to highlight.

Old Man's Journey

Old Man’s Journey is probably the game with the most positive reviews compared to the other 19 games. The game developed by Broken Rules Interactive is an adventure game featuring an old man.

You will play and go through his memories. You have to interact, solve puzzles, and create the path for the old man. What makes this game so good probably would be the graphics that is so pleasing to the eye. The most recent achievement for Old Man’s Journey was that this game became it was nominated as the best mobile game at The Games Awards 2017.

The Big Journey

Another game with the title “Journey” and that is worth our highlight would be The Big Journey. You play as a cute cuddly cat named Mr. Whiskers to seek out and find his best friend, Mr. Cho.

You have to tilt your smartphone in order to get past obstacles, bounce across environments, and also roll your way to find Mr. Cho. The developer did a good job in terms of gameplay and also smooth graphics. It’s also no wonder that the game developed by Catfishbox was one of the nine best indie games during the 2016 Casual Connect Asia.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Last but not least, Bridge Constructor Portal. It’s probably a game that PC or console players might know. This engineering puzzle video game developed by Headup Games is a spin-off game of the famous Portal game and Bridge Constructor games.

Here is the full list of the 20 best indie games according to Google.

The Google Play Indie Games Contest was also held in Indonesia last year. There was a lot of hype, especially from Indonesian developers. Knowing that developers are acknowledging Google themselves makes them feel that making games is something special.

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As of now, Google has not given any info whether it will be held again in Indonesia or not. But we hope that Google can routinely organize the event in Indonesia.

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