Prepare Yourself, These are the 5 Best Indie Games to Come in 2018!

By Audi Eka Prasetyo

Check out these awesome soon-to-be-released indie games in 2018!

Indie games may have turned into a quite large and promising business.

Like Taylor Swift, who was once an indie singer from a small studio, now she has turned into one of the most popular celebrities in the world!

Amount of creativities that indie games developer has offered turns out successfully steal the heart of mainstream gamers. Even in some titles, indie games tend to be more popular rather than AAA ones in the same genre.

2017 was a great year for all gamers because there were a lot of cool and interesting games to be played!

It is no exception for indie games, where CupheadNight in the WoodsGolf Story, and Battle Chef Brigade became a hit in 2017! How about 2018? Well, these are 5 the most anticipated indie games in 2018 that you must watch. Check this out!


The Last Night

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Combination of cyberpunk and incredibly beautiful pixel art has made The Last Night to be one of the most anticipated indie games in 2018.

Besides, this game also promised to serve you an intense cinematic story. You can say, the vibe is like somewhere between Blade Runner and The Running Man movies, with few touches from Out of this World. Can’t wait!



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This one looks so fantastic in the graphics and has a far more interesting combat system that we initially thought. It’s a story about a fox warrior, who’s going on an adventure.

Initially, the developer planned to release Tunic in 2018. But unfortunately, they changed the release year on Steam to 2019. Well, let’s hope they can release the game this year!



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We haven’t heard much from FE since 2016 E3, but as promised, Electronic Arts will publish the game this February. What makes Fe indie game to be waited for is the concept. You’ll control a fox-like creature within a forest, to help creatures and plants within it from entities called Silent Ones. And it’s a musical!

Fe can sing to help other creatures, then they can teach Fe a new song to make Fe gain new skills to help the forest. With a beautiful graphics and immersive sounds, Fe is one of the best indie games to come in 2018.



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Took place in a world full of darkness, Ashen is an action RPG about building trust with your partner. This game offers its players an open world exploration, with the main mission which is to go home.

A dangerous world, promising gameplay, and unique character design are the components that make Ashen as an indie game that is worth the wait.


UFO 50

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Did you grow up in NES era or even before? This game called UFO 50 may be the most anticipated indie game for you! From the creator of Spelunky and Downwell, UFO 50 is a collection of 50 NES-styled games in a single retail copy.

Any genre of RPG, platformer, puzzle, or arcade is available to browse here. From the trailer, those games promise so much fun!

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Do you know any promising indie games that we missed? Let us know!

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