Ciel Fledge Alpha Review: Unique Sim Game from Indonesia That Can Still Be Polished

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

There are a lot of Simulation games on the market, but nothing is as cute and unique as Ciel Fledge. Our team took the time to play the alpha demo for a few hours.

There are a lot of simulation games on the market, but nothing is as cute and unique as Ciel Fledge. Our team took the time to play the alpha demo for a few hours. present to you: Ciel Fledge Alpha review.

Our Ciel Fledge Alpha review starts off with an explanation of the game itself. Ciel Fledge is a game by Studio Namaapa from Indonesia. The simulation game is unique as your goal is to raise an adopted daughter for ten years.

During those 10 years, she will grow into an adult, under your care and guidance. The story starts off in an unknown place where you have to battle your way through some monsters/aliens to end up finding a little girl stranded and unconscious.

There is a mixed feeling when playing this game, and so we classified the game based on its pros and cons:



Any Gender Can Play!

We have to admit that the idea that Studio Namaapa brought to the table is quite unique. There are not a lot of similar simulation games. The only two closest ones are probably Princess Maker 2 and Long Live the Queen

Those two games are not as popular in Indonesia as they tend to focus on one gender and that would be a female. But Ciel Fledge can be played by any gender. It’s not as girly as the two games mentioned before, and not as masculine as games such as Call of Duty.

In this sector, we have to admit that Studio Namaapa did a good job on staying neutral from a gender perspective.


Smooth Looking Graphics

The next point we want to highlight is the graphics and the design of the game. The game is good looking from the start, period. It may seem more like a game that can be played on an iPad or tablet.

But the developers did a great job of knowing their graphics-wise capabilities. They try to keep it simple and not force anything, which makes it a plus.




Two things that we personally want from an opening tutorial are that we want it to be as clear and as short as possible so that we can hurry to play the game. However, this was not what we had with Ciel Fledge.

The tutorial was really slow and we couldn’t control the tempo. The tutorial obviously wanted us to click on a certain button, and there was an arrow shown next to the button. But when we clicked, nothing happened until we waited for around 5 seconds.

Although there is a “Skip” button down below the screen, it skips you to the next topic of the tutorial, not actually fast forwarding it. It’s very basic and little, but a problem like this sometimes can be critical to most players.


Feels Slow

We realize that it was not just the tutorial that feels slow. The process of the game also feels slow. There is an option to fast forward and pause the game, but the interlude really takes time. There were often times when we’re progressing our character but it felt a bit laggy.


Bugs and Error

There were quite a few errors and bugs, and thankfully the developers already realized and are currently in the process of fixing these issues. There was a time when we opened an inbox letter and it automatically sent us out of the game without saving.


Ciel Fledge alpha review

A Raising Simulation Game from Indonesian Developer, Ciel Fledge Starts Its Kickstarter Campaign

Another indie game developer studio from Indonesia, Studio Namaapa started a Kickstarter campaign for their simulation game, Ciel Fledge.

It’s only natural for a game, most notably an indie game in alpha stage to not properly work, but there are high expectations for Ciel Fledge. If the game is more polished, we definitely can see ourselves investing our time into this.

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