Confirmed, Dota 2 Minor to be Held in Jakarta This March

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

It’s finally confirmed. Will it be the biggest eSport event in Indonesia?

After months of speculations, it is confirmed that eSport event, Dota 2 Minor will be held in Jakarta this March. The new system that Valve introduced will be a great opportunity for Indonesian eSport teams to showcase their talents.

After The International 2 was over, Valve introduced a new tournament system for 2018. The eSport tournament that’s named Dota Pro Circuit will be held all over the world in a span of 8 months. The series of the tournament will be called Dota 2 Minor and Dota 2 Major.

From Dota 2 Pro Circuit’s official website, we can see that on March 16-18, the Dota 2 Minor event will be held in Jakarta. It also shows that there will be a total prize of US$300,000.

Additionally, the event will be organized by Global Electronic Sports Championship (GESC). If we take a look at GESC’s Liquipedia page, we can see that GESC is planning to bring teams from 6 regions which are North America, South America, Europe, Asia, CIS, and China.

Dota 2 Minor

Source: Dota 2 Pro Circuit

However, there hasn’t been any confirmation yet by GESC regarding this. If it happens to be true, then it would be fun to see Indonesian teams such as BOOM.IDRRQ, and also EVOS Esports to face highly named teams.

Although this scenario may happen, the chances are slim due to the fact that there will be a Major event just one week before Dota 2 Minor Indonesia. Of course, bigger teams will prefer Major because of the prize and points offered are bigger.

But thankfully it has been confirmed that Evil GeniusesNaVi, and also Infamous will be going to Jakarta to compete for the prize. We are also still waiting on confirmation from other big teams such as Team LiquidVirtus Pro, and also Mineski. It would be really great seeing such big teams compete in Jakarta.

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This might be the biggest eSport event for Dota 2 in Indonesia. There are quite a lot of Dota 2 tournaments take place in Indonesia such as Kaskus Battleground that held its final match in BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 and World of Gaming. But it is not something compared to the official tournament from Valve itself.

Curious to know how big the event will be? Don’t worry, will cover all the news regarding Dota 2 Minor in Indonesia.

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