Data Says Female Mobile Gamers Worth More than Male Ones


Based on the data from deltaDNA, female mobile gamers worth significantly more than their male counterparts.

From 2015, deltaDNA has reported that women represented more than 60 percent of mobile game players. With the data showing the importance of female players for publisher’s revenue since years ago, it appears that women touch is going to be more vital for them.

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From deltaDNA’s data, 21 percent of women are using iPhones compared to 15 percent of men. In Android devices, women are more likely to use “premium” handsets (cost more than US$300), where 34 percent of women use premium devices while men only 27 percent.

This has an effect on their probability to spend more in mobile games. From deltaDNA’s data, 4.5 percent of women spend their money in games, while men only 3.3 percent.

Moreover, the total value of each female player is US$1.57 while every man is valued US$1.09. From that number, we can see that women are worth 44 percent more than men in mobile gaming ecosystem.

The table below shows some genre played by each gender.


From the table, women are more inclined to play puzzle games, while men prefer strategy and action games. Casino games, on the other hand, are more gender neutral.

It makes puzzle game a more profitable genre to produce. Not only that, they are generally cheaper to make.

It may be a more certain way to gain revenue by making games for women, but surely we don’t see a decline in “men-focused” games like FPS, strategy, and action. Take a look at the local Indonesian Google Play Store, the top 10 of free games are dominated by casual games, seven out of ten games to be exact.

But if we take a look at the top grossing, the so-called “men-focused” games are still dominating. It may be because Indonesian market is still developing in terms of payment, and more men have access to the payment systems. But that means women players in Indonesia can only go up in terms of spending.

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