Fractals of Destiny, A Journey of Two Brothers into Game Development

By Arya Wibowo

Fractals of Destiny is an action RPG that is being developed by two brothers. It has been in development for a year and has a beautiful looking trailer.

Fractals of Destiny is an action RPG that is being developed by two brothers. It has been in development for a year, and recently it has a trailer released and it looked beautiful.

The game is basically an RPG set in a futuristic fantasy world, where galactic travels become a norm. Human and alien races live together in galactic communities. There are techs and also magic. Spaceships and also monsters. The technology is so advanced that every sentient being can communicate to each other via a high tech telecommunication system.

Humans, Adwans, Daevanians, Gravors, and Laefa are the races in this game, each with their own physiology and language. Today’s weapons are becoming obsolete, as the races have upgraded their cells to live hundreds or even thousands of years.

Fractals of Destiny

There are two big civilizations that dominate the universe of Fractals of Destiny, they are Light Empire that humans lead (Eastern Empire) and Velixar Azhartus that the Adwans lead (Western Universe). Both of them try to expand their dominance and influence in the galaxy by invasion and colonization, with peaceful and also violent means.

Inspired by RPGs from the PlayStation 2 era like Star Ocean: Till the End of Time or Rogue Galaxy and MMORPG like Aion, Fractals of Destiny combines medieval weapons and combat with futuristic technology. As you can see in the trailer, your character will swing her blade into rock monsters and also attack them with magic. You can also use stealth to your advantage.

Fractals of Destiny

You will control three characters throughout the gameplay, where you will complete challenging missions, helping people, and discovering lush planets. Just like most RPGs, there will be character level progressions that will strengthen character’s stats and unlock new skills.

The development team use Unreal Engine 4. They have spent a year developing this game.

Pandu Putra, the oldest of the two, quitted his job as Finance Manager in a restaurant to fully develop the game, while the younger brother Sukron Ramadani was a freelance worker and also a college student. Both live in Pekanbaru, Indonesia.

Fractals of Destiny

They are self-taught developers who only got into game development one year ago. But for 3D arts, Pandu has been learning it for 10 years, while Sukron for about 2 years.

Fractals of Destiny are still in development. With only two of them behind the desk, Pandu Putra and Sukron Ramadani are hoping to attract investors to further their progress. They also haven’t set any release date.

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It is interesting to see a team of two relatively new developers to straightly develop a complex game like this. Let’s hope they can manage to get the funds they need and complete the game.

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