Garena Officially Releases Free Fire Battlegrounds, Survival Shooter Game for Mobile

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Is it as legit as PUBG?

One of Southeast Asia top game publisher, Garena, released its new game called Free Fire Battlegrounds in Indonesia. Players on Android and iOS can now play the survival shooting/battle royale game for free.

Free Fire Battlegrounds is a survival shooting game or also known as battle royale game. You will play against 49 other players to survive on an island. The only way to win is to kill other players and become the last person to be alive.

There are a couple of modes that the game offers. You can play in solo, duo, or in a team of four players. Of course, you will need to grab weapons and use the environment wisely in order to survive.

It’s no doubt that since Bluehole Studio introduced PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND (PUBG), battle royale games were simultaneously entering the market. Although there were many games that came before PUBG such as Ark: Survival of the Fittest and H1Z1: King of the HillPUBG had the most players.

Free Fire Battlegrounds

PUBG, one of the successful survival shooting games.

PUBG made a PC game record for the most currently active players playing with a total of 3,106,358. The second spot belongs to Dota 2 which did not even get half the players. Dota 2 comes with 699,618 players.

To see Garena implementing this genre to mobile is predictable. As we see many publishers are focusing on this specific market because the PC market is already crowded. One of the very first survival shooting game for mobile released in Indonesia was Rules of Survival.

Free Fire Battlegrounds

Source: Polygon

Free Fire Battlegrounds were a little bit behind in terms of release schedule. This is typically what we see from Garena as it tends to release games after another game was popular, especially in Indonesia. We can see that it released Arena of Valor (AoV) not long after people started playing Mobile Legends.

It also released League of Legends for Indonesia after people started playing Dota 2. Can we see Free Fire Battlegrounds compete with other similar titles on the mobile platform such as Rule of Survivals and Survivor Royale? Only time will tell.

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