Indonesian Game Developer Community Ready to Hold Global Game Jam 2018


Game developer communities in several cities in Indonesia are ready to held Global Game Jam 2018 early next year.

Communities have a huge impact on game development’s ecosystem in one country. There are so many community-driven events held in one year to accelerate the gaming industry’s growth. One of them is Global Game Jam held annually around the world, including Indonesia.

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What is Global Game Jam actually?

global game jam 2018

Global Game Jam is an event for game developers or enthusiasts to come together and make a video game or a non-digital game like a board game or a card game. Participants rapidly prototype game designs and hopefully inject new ideas to help the growth of game industry.

Participants work concurrently with developers around the globe. There will also be a central theme that participants must follow, and then they will have 48 hours to create a game. Many games developed in the previous Global Game Jam have become fully realized games.

The Game Jam will be held in several spots around the world which are called Jam site. Anybody can register their jam site for free, and then hold the Global Game Jam there with their community.

Global Game Jam History in Indonesia

global game jam 2018

The first Global Game Jam held in Indonesia was in 2014, thanks to the initiative from Yogyakarta’s game developer community called Gamelan. Gamelan is one of the most active communities in Indonesia, and they start to ignite other regions to do the same. Finally, their movement for the first Global Game Jam in Indonesia was followed by six other cities: Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Semarang, and Depok.

Global Game Jam 2014 was the first event Indonesian game developer ever participated in. In that event, So many lessons were learned for the committee, such as jam site’s limited facility and lack of participation from the community’s members. But it can be counted as a big success, especially for an inaugural event.

global game jam 2018

The number of Jam Site increases year by year. There were 13 cities and more than 200 developers participated in the last edition of the event, Global Game Jam 2017.

Global Game Jam 2018

global game jam 2018

To continue this annual tradition, Indonesian game developers are ready to hold Global Game Jam again next year. Global Game Jam 2018 will be held in the 26th to the 28th of January, 2018. Some cities, such as Surabaya, Kediri, Bali, Salatiga, Malang, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Semarang and Bandung already set up the Jam Site registration.

If you’re interested to join, you can register yourself at the Jam Site nearest to you. Or if you want to know more about Global Game Jam and the past games, you can also check the official website.

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