Indonesia’s Biggest PES 2018 Competition Ready to Kick Off, Register Yourself Now!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Will there any new champions to represent Indonesia in SEA Finals 2018 Kuala Lumpur?

Liga 1 PES will kick off the biggest PES 2018 competition soon in more than 30 cities across Indonesia. Two best Indonesian players will represent Indonesia in SEA Finals that will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

MaenBola as the organizer of national PES competition in Indonesia already announced its plan for 2018. Liga 1 PES Indonesia, the biggest PES 2018 tournament in Indonesia will start its regional qualifier soon early February 2018.

Around 12 provinces and 32 cities across Indonesia already confirmed their participation in this year’s event. In total, there will be more than 100 series tournament to search for the best Indonesian player this year.

Liga 1 PES Indonesia

The qualifier will be held in two formats, offline and online. This tournament is open to all Indonesian players who haven’t won in any series before. So if you participate in Jakarta and lose, you can participate again in other cities nearby such as Bogor and Depok.

One regional consists of several series. Then, each of the series winners will compete in Regional finals to fight over slots to the national final that will be held in Jakarta. Four of the best Indonesian players will fly to Kuala Lumpur to represent Indonesia in SEA Finals 2018!

Liga 1 PES Indonesia

Here’s the list of regional and city series that will hold Liga 1 PES National Qualifier

  • DKI JAKARTA: Jakarta (4 series) – 1 Slot to National Finals
  • BODETABEK: Bogor (2), Bekasi (3), Depok (1), Tangerang (2) – 1 Slot
  • BANTEN: Cilegon (2), Serang (2) – 1 Slot
  • WEST JAVA: Bandung (4), Cimahi (2), Garut (2), Sumedang (2), Cirebon (2), Tasik (2) – 1 Slot
  • DI YOGYAKARTA: Yogyakarta (4), Solo (2) – 1 Slot
  • CENTRA JAVA: Semarang (4), Sragen (4), Tegal (2), Brebes (2) – 1 Slot
  • EAST JAVA: Surabaya (8), Malang (4), Gresik (8), Sidoarjo (8), Jember (8) – 1 Slot
  • BALI: Denpasar (4) – 1 Slot
  • WEST SUMATERA: Padang (4) – 1 Slot
  • SOUTH SUMATERA: Palembang (4) – 1 Slot
  • EAST KALIMANTAN: East Borneo Championship (1), Samarinda (1), Balikpapan (2), Tenggarong (2), Bontang (2), Sanggata (2) – 2 Slot
  • GORONTALO: Gorontalo (4) – 1 Slot
  • SOUTH SULAWESI: Makassar (4) – 1 Slot

Liga 1 PES Indonesia

If you’re interested to participate, register yourself to your nearby city’s organizer. You can visit the official page to read more details about your city’s organizer.

A Good Benchmark for Indonesia’s PES Community

Liga 1 PES (previously titled PES League Indonesia) is a community-driven competition that is held annually across Indonesia organized by MaenBola. The goal is to search for the best Indonesian player who will represent Indonesia in Southeast Asia’s Finals.

The venue for SEA Finals itself moves from one country to another. Last year, the SEA Finals was held in sequence with Indonesia’s national finals in Bandung. Four national teams, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam competed in last year’s tournament, with Vietnam successfully grabbed the SEA champion.

Indonesian Team Grabs The Runner-Up Title of PES League Asia 2 vs 2 Tournament 2018 in Thailand!

One of the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) team from Indonesia Surabaya Gaming Team successfully grabbed the runner-up title in PES League Asia 2 vs 2 Tournament 2018 in Thailand!

Liga 1 PES surely is a great place to take a look at how the PES‘ community in Indonesia is going. Previously, one team from Indonesia, Surabaya Gaming Team successfully grabbed the runner-up in PES League Asia 2 vs 2 Tournament 2018. Will there any new talents who will represent Indonesia in SEA Finals?

Top Image: PES League Asia 2v2 Tournament via MyArena. Edited by Devi




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