Indonesian Team Grabs The Runner-Up Title of PES League Asia 2 vs 2 Tournament 2018 in Thailand!

WESG 2018
Batara Riasta (center) and Lucky Ma'arif (2 from right)

Another great news comes from Indonesia’s eSports scene. One of the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) team from Indonesia, Surabaya Gaming Team successfully grabbed the runner-up title in PES League Asia 2 vs 2 Tournament 2018 in Thailand!

The tournament itself was held yesterday– January 22, 2018– at Pantip Pratunam eSports Arena, Bangkok, Thailand. Sixteen best teams from eight countries participated in the event. They were from China (2 teams), Indonesia (2 teams), Vietnam (2 teams), Singapore (2 teams), Malaysia (2 teams), Japan (1 team), South Korea (2 teams) and Thailand (3 teams).

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Indonesian national teams were represented by Station Game (Samarinda) and Surabaya Gaming Team (Surabaya). They made their way through Asia final because they were the winner and the runner-up from the national final that was held last December.

Indonesian representatives, from left to right: Batara Riasta, Lucky Ma’arif, Ade Ananta, Adiatma ‘Q-Wa’

The tournament itself was held in two formats. First, there was round robin that divided all the teams into 4 groups where every team met each other once. After that, two best teams in each group advanced to the knockout stage that uses the best of two.

Surabaya Gaming Team (Batara Riasta & Lucky Ma’arif) joined in group 3 containing two of the best Asia teams Mayage Curl from Japan and Redbull_Unlimited from South Korea. Surprisingly, Surabaya Gaming Team could force Japan and South Korea resulted in two draws, 1-1, with Redbull_Unlimited, and 3-3 with Mayage Curl. And in the final match, Surabaya Gaming Team won against Double Agent from Malaysia with 2-0.

Pass the Though Challenge in the Knockout Stage

pes league asia 2 vs 2 Indonesia

In the knockout stage, Surabaya Gaming Team faced another challenge from one of the best Southeast Asia’s teams Vietnam Yellow. But after a tight match, they could pass through to the semi-final with 2-1.

In the semi-final, Surabaya Gaming Team surprisingly defeated Tianjin Teda from China with a massive score 9-0 and advanced to the final. In the final, it’s like a deja vu from group stage when they met Mayage Curls again.

Unfortunately, in the final match, they couldn’t resist the power of Mayage Curls and were defeated by 2-5. This makes Mayage Curl crowned as the Asia Champion, and Surabaya Gaming Team as the runner-up. Vietnam Red takes the 3rd spot after defeated Tianjin Teda with 2-0.

pes league asia 2 vs 2 Indonesia

The other Indonesian team, Station Game Samarinda (Ade Ananta & Adiatma ‘Q-Wa’), unfortunately, couldn’t make their way pass through the knockout stage. They only got one victory, the same as Double Upz from Singapore, but they lost in a head to head score.

This achievement also received an appreciation from Indonesia’s Ministry of Youth and Sports, Imran Nahrawi. In his reply on Liga1 PES’ Instagram account, Imran shows his support to the eSports community. “Congratulations for this great achievement. We are proud and will continue to support eSports and PES Indonesia,” said Imran in his statement.

Congratulations on the achievement!

Edited by Devi. Photo by Liga1 PES Indonesia