Indonesia’s Game Industry Predictions for 2018: More Console Games & International Events?

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

After a slight decrease from 2016 to 2017, we hope that Indonesia’s game industry will rise again this year.

After a slight decrease from 2016 to 2017, we hope that Indonesia’s game industry will rise again this year. Here are our predictions for this year’s Indonesia’s game industry trend.

The year 2017 has been another great year for Indonesia’s game industry. There were a lot of great games released, although the number was slightly decreasing from 2016. The ecosystem looked great for more investors to join in, more active community, also a lot of initiatives from the government.

Now we are opening a new blank page in 2018. Surely we want this year to be better than 2017, with more games and developers shape the industry. So, what will happen in one year ahead?

In this article, lists some of Indonesia’s game industry predictions for 2018. These predictions may be wrong, but we can hope all of these predictions will happen in this 2018!


More Initiatives from Government

indonesian game industry prediction 2018

BEKRAF Game Prime

Indonesian government already showed its support for game industry through BEKRAF and Ministry of Trade. As we have already known, BEKRAF gives supports to the biggest game industry event in Indonesia, BEKRAF Game Prime that helps the industry’s growth.

They also partnered with Indonesia Game Association (Asosiasi Game Indonesia/AGI) to create an initiative called Archipelageek. Archipelageek helps developers to find a new collaboration opportunity by participating in international events such as Tokyo Game Show 2017.

indonesian game industry predictions 2018

Archipelageek booth in TGS 2017

Ministry of Trade also gives its support to Indonesian game developers by helping them participate in GStar 2017. All of this participation surely helps developers gain more exposure in the global market.

We think both BEKRAF and Ministry of Trade will continue their support in  2018. For example, in March BEKRAF through Archipelageek will participate in Game Connection America 2018. BEKRAF also continues its support to Game Prime, and is ready to make this year’s event bigger and better than last year’s.


More International Gaming Events

BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 Attendees

Gaming events are the perfect benchmark for industry’s ecosystem and for measuring how big the potential is. Last year, Indonesia had some international events, both gaming convention and eSport competition such as BEKRAF Game Prime, Jakarta Game Week, Indonesia Games Championship and PES League Asia.

This year,  more international events will take place in this country. For game convention, both BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 and Jakarta Game Week are planned to be held in July. Then, GameStart Asia already announced that they will also take place in Indonesia this year, as well as in Singapore.

For the eSport competition, one of the biggest additions is Dota 2 Minor that will be held in Jakarta, March 2018. This competition will feature some of the best Dota 2 teams from around the world such as NaVi and Infamous.


More Console Games from Indonesian Game Developers

indonesian game industry predictions 2018

Last year, we saw the first Indonesian game that was successfully released on PlayStation platform: Fallen LegionFallen Legion had open the door for other Indonesian developers to do the same. Later in 2017, we got some titles such as Legrand Legacy (Semisoft) and Ultra Space Battle Brawl (Mojiken Studio) confirmed to be released on console.

We predict that it’s not just these two titles that will be released on console. Although Indonesians have difficulties to publish a game to console due to the Developer Kit’s problem, they managed to overcome that by collaborating with an overseas partner.


AR and VR are Going Mainstream

indonesian game industry predictions 2018

Previously, a survey said that AR and VR applications will go mainstream in 2018. We predict that it will also happen in Indonesia thanks to all AR and VR developers in Indonesia. AR and VR technology will not only appear in games but also applications that we use every day.

Also, the funding from DNC to OMNIVR surely will open a new opportunity for AR and VR industry. OMNIVR aims to expand VR distribution in Indonesia to give more access to more people. If more people have more access to VR and AR technology, more AR and VR applications will be released from Indonesian developers.


More Tabletop Games Emerge

indonesian game industry predictions 2018

Source: Polygon

We already knew that tabletop games (including board game) are a new trend in the gaming industry. For example, in the previous year, tabletop games were the more successful projects in Kickstarter than digital games with more than US$130 million pledged. Even one of the titles Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 named as the most successful game project in Kickstarter with US$12.39 million pledged.

Kickstarter Trends: Tabletop Games Continue to Rocketed, Digital Games Remain Stagnant

Tabletop (including board games) is the new trend in Kickstarter with more than US$130 million pledged into successful project in 2017.

How about Indonesian tabletop game industry? Last year, we saw more developers involved to create more board game titles. They also participated in some game conventiond, both local, such as BEKRAF Game Prime, and international, such as Essen Spiel 2017. This participation helps them to gain more exposure, and then accelerate the growth of the industry.

As insight from an Indonesian board game industry’s veteran Andre Dubari, fresh theme and unique gameplay are the main strength of Indonesian board games. If the creators can explore them more, surely we will see more great titles to appear in the future.


Indonesian Publisher Publish Local Games to Global Market

indonesian game industry predictions 2018

For a long time, Indonesian game publisher has published foreign games to local market. Some of them gained big success, such as Lyto with Ragnarok Online and Rising Force Online and Garena with Point Blank. Fortunately, Lyto started to publish local games to global market, but only for mobile games.

Outside of Lyto, we barely saw local publishers published local games to global market until last year when Toge Productions took the chance. After getting funded by DNC, Toge announced its initiative to help local developers publish their games to global market. They have released 3 titles on Steam up to this day, and more will come in the year ahead.

In 2018, we might see more developers take the step to open publishing division, especially for local games. Or maybe, some Indonesian top publishers like Lyto will continue its support for local game developers.


Steam Direct = More PC Games

indonesian game industry predictions 2018

Celestian Tales: A Realms Beyond

The launch of Steam Direct replacing Steam Greenlight opens a new opportunity to game developers around the world. Now, they don’t have to wait for community’s approval to get their game released through Steam. They only need to finish up some digital paperwork and then pay the submission fee to start selling their game.

Is It Worth Including a PC Game on Bundles?

In this article, Rachmad Imron from Digital Happiness shares his insight about the merits of releasing our PC game on a bundles program.

This also gives Indonesian developers more options when they decide to release the game in PC. They can self-publish their game easily, or they can collaborate with a publisher to make their job easier. Some of the Indonesian titles such as Legrand Legacy (SEMISOFT), Infectonator 3 (Toge Productions), My Lovely Daughter (Gamechanger Studio) and Celestian Tales: A Realms Beyond (Ekuator Games) should be in your wishlists.

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