Legrand Legacy Review: The Best Indonesian Developed Game Yet?

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Gameprime.org team finally got a hands-on time with the full game version of Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds. Curious to know our thoughts on the game?

Gameprime.org team finally got a hands-on time with the full game version of Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds. Curious to know our thoughts on the game? Gameprime present you the in-depth Legrand Legacy review.

Legrand Legacy is a game developed by SEMISOFT, an Indonesian indie developer. They got themselves going through their Kickstarter campaign which was a success. We did a review on the beta version if you are interested, but the Legrand Legacy review, for now, will be a review of the game as a whole.

We spent our time around 4 hours of gameplay and had finalized our thought on the game. There are a lot of aspects that we want to cover which include story, character, gameplay, graphics, and many others. So let’s get started.


If you’re that one guy who thinks a story is everything inside a game, then Legrand Legacy will suit you well. The game is fully packed with unpredictable and fascinating stories. It’s like Game of Thrones in terms of story.

SEMISOFT focuses the story mostly on dialogue texts. If you are that type of person who does not like to read, then you’ll be missing a lot and you probably should find another game.

In Legrand Legacy, you will play as Finn. After displaying mysterious powers beyond his control, Finn is freed from violent slavery and vows to save his liberator’s daughter. This leads him to a prophecy, a group called the Fatebounds and their quest to save the land of Legrand from the resurgence of a conflict that previously left it in war-torn shambles.


Different character style and different background.

The other aspect that we want to cover is its characters. Legrand Legacy has many characters that can join Finn on his adventure. These characters are designed very nicely as you will see each character will have different characteristic and skills.

Finn lost his memories and tries to find back, his skills mostly focus on fire and physical combat. Whereas Aria is an adventurer who uses a bow as her weapon. Azzam, on the other hand, is a big lion who has strong physical capabilities as well as tactical skills.

Presently, there are only six characters available. We hope to see SEMISOFT updating the characters pool during the upcoming patches.


Turn-based action strategy JRPG.

What’s a game without a good gameplay right? Classic JRPG is the genre of Legrand Legacy. It’s just like Final Fantasy where you explore the world, encounter enemies and fight them, also take turns when deciding which character attacks which.

Classic JRPG is a genre where you fight enemies and monster, level up, collect, and uses items wisely for your advantage. Legrand Legacy uses Action Circle Tempo (ACT) combat system. It’s a unique system where your damage depends on timing.

You must act by pressing a button at the right time, and your timing plays a role in how much damage you deliver.

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Legrand Legacy is definitely on my top list of want to play games for this year. Therefore I want to share my thoughts about it.



Graphics was one aspect of the game that we highlighted during our first impression review.  It’s not something a small team of developers can do with a tight budget. And so far it has not disappointed us.

But there are some things that can be improved. We don’t like the way enemies just fades out after they die. It’s the only thing that we feel litters the game. But put that aside, and you have a really beautiful game.

Cinematic Scenes

High-quality cinematic scenes that make us want to go to the next one.

Cinematic scenes are something that we always wanted to see when playing Legrand Legacy. It’s undoubtedly very refreshing to tell the story of the game through animations rather than through text dialog.

This feature is one of the features that SEMISOFT are proud of. But we think that it is a bit overrated. We think that although there are not a single cinematic that’s not well polished, they could have put their effort more on the gameplay.

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