Legrand Legacy Review: The Best Indonesian Developed Game Yet?

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Gameprime.org team finally got a hands-on time with the full game version of Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds. Curious to know our thoughts on the game?

Hats Off to SEMISOFT for Enhancing the Game

SEMISOFT crew during Tokyo Game Show 2017.

As a team that pays attention to the development of Legrand Legacy, we really like the way that SEMISOFT tries to make the game better. We previously gave them some advice on what they could do to make the game better. They delivered!

Firstly, the game looked crispier and more fresh than the previous Beta versions. SEMISOFT included some nice user interface to help players actually know where to go next. The tutorials can also be accessible via the menu. Additionally, the world map became cleaner and way cooler than before.

Tips and Tricks

Action Circle Tempo (ACT) system is what makes Legrand Legacy different from most JRPG games.

If you are reading this article because you are curious and want to play Legrand Legacy. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you survive in the early game. First of all, you need to be aware of ambush from enemies.

In this game, you encounter enemies when a moving dark cloud touches you on the map. If you are facing the direction of the dark cloud, you will not get ambushed. However, if you are facing the opposite direction, in this case, the cloud touches you from behind, then you will get ambushed.

If you get ambushed, the pack of enemies will attack you first. This means a lot because there are some cases where you can knock out an enemy with one hit. This prevents them from attacking you because obviously, they will die. You can then preserve some health which is one of the most valuable resources in Legrand Legacy and most JRPG games.

You will need to preserve health, especially against bosses.

Another tip that we would like to mention is to always concentrate when attacking your enemies. As mentioned in the gameplay features, Legrand Legacy uses ACT system as a character’s damage output.

At first, we thought that it didn’t really matter, but when progressing forward, we knew that if you hit “Perfect” on the ACT, you will gain way higher damage than just “Good”. So it’s good to gather your thoughts before attacking.


Legrand Legacy Review

We find Legrand Legacy a really fun game to play, especially for the story and characters. We were always curious about what would lie ahead. If you love to play games that have a good story, then this game is an absolute must.

Legrand Legacy also brings back memories of classic JRPG games such as Final Fantasy but in a different way. The ACT concept plus the really polished hand-drawn maps make it feel classic yet refreshing.

SEMISOFT Announces ‘Legrand Legacy are Going to Console’

Legrand Legacy could be the first Indonesian game to be released on Xbox One and Switch, and the second to be released on PS4.

SEMISOFT also did a good job in making the game more improved throughout the alpha and beta stages. We give this game an 8 out of 10 with hopes to improve in the future.

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