Overwatch League Opening Week Pulls More Than 10 Million Viewers

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Is eSports league the new trend nowadays?

Overwatch League has just started and it started with a bang! More than 10 million people from all streaming platforms watched the Overwatch League opening week.

The Overwatch League opening week started from January 10 to 17. During this span period, Blizzard (Overwatch‘s developer) announced that there were a total of more than 10 million viewers worldwide.

The most Overwatch League’s viewers were during the first-day battle between Dallas Fuel and Seoul Dynasty, which is recording 437,000 views.

These viewers came from all around the streaming channels which include some big names. Twitch, Major League Gaming, and some Chinese streaming channels which include ZhanQi TV, NetEase CC, and Panda TV.

The total number of viewers was really something special and it was no wonder Twitch had to pay a lot to claim stream rights. Twitch reportedly had to pay Blizzard a total of US$90 million which includes exclusive third-party stream rights.

However, it was not reported how many dollars Chinese streaming channels had to pay. Nevertheless, they all should not regret a single penny because of the viewers it generated.

The Overwatch League itself is a new competitive eSports league consisting of 12 teams from all over the world: Boston, Dallas, Florida, Houston, London, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, and two teams from Los Angeles.

These 12 teams fan out into 4 stages where each stage lasts for 5 weeks. All the 12 teams are competing for a $1 million reward. Each qualified team from each stage will receive US$125,000.

Overwatch League Opening Week

League based format for competitive eSports has been trending lately. Previously, we reported NBA 2K18 League followed up by the eMLS League for Fifa 18. These types of competition might be what we will see more in the future.

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Major League Soccer (MLS) is not the biggest league in terms of viewers. But they sure bring excitement to the table, especially for gamers. On January 12, 2018, MLS introduced eMLS, a new competitive eSport FIFA 18 league.

Blizzard said that they will be giving more numbers regarding how many viewers the competition embraced. How many viewers do you think the Overwatch League will generate in total? Share your thought in the comment section!

Source: Gamespot, PC Gamer. Edited by Devi




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