21 New PC Games on Average Released Everyday on Steam in 2017

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

21 on average per day, and more than 7,000 games were released on Steam in 2017. How about this year?

In 2017, we saw 21 new PC games on average were released through Steam, with total more than 7,000 games were released in one year.

The year 2017 might be considered to mark one of the biggest years in Steam’s history. There was a lot of evolution from this biggest PC game platform, such as discovery features and Steam Direct that replaced Steam Greenlight.

But in terms of total games released through this platform, how is 2017 compared with the year before? The unofficial Steam analytics platform, SteamSpy has released some data about Steam’s journey in 2017.

SteamSpy states that in 2017, Steam set a new record surpassing its own in 2016. In 2017, there were around 7,672 games released on Steam, 2,427 more games from its previous record in 2016.

Today, there are more than 19,000 games released through Steam since its first appearance in 2004. With 7,627 games released on Steam a year, every day we saw 21 new PC games on average on Steam. That’s a quite huge number, isn’t it?

Steam Direct is The Key

PC Games Released Steam 2017

There are some reasons behind the record-breaking number from Steam. One of them is the implementation of Steam Direct system for indie developers to release their game on Steam. This system replaced Steam Greenlight that relies on users’ approval to make a title get Greenlit status and gets released on Steam.

Steam Direct has a simpler process than Steam Greenlight. Developers only complete a digital paperwork, pay the deposit fee, and then set up their store so they can start to sell the game.

Its simpler process resulted in more indie developers to release their games on Steam in 2017. They don’t need users’ approval or Greenlit status anymore to get their game released.

There is no revenue data yet to be released by SteamSpy. But according to the sales data, more than 309 million PC game copies owned by gamers on Steam, with an average price per game was US$9.43. Surely it will also surpass the 2016’s revenue, which is around US$3.4 billion.

Steam Spy creator Sergey Galyonkin states that he will release the detail numbers from 2017 later this year. For comparison, here’s the 2016’s data that was released last year.

PC Games Released Steam 2017

How about 2018? With the more mature Steam Direct system that makes it easier for indie developers to release their games, surely we will see record-breaking numbers again from Steam. But also, it will make the competition tighter so developers must level up their game’s quality.

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