Playtime With Pantosaurus: A Game That Will Keep Kids Safe From Abuse


It’s always parents’ job to keep their child safe from any harm including sexual abuse. UK Child Protection Charity (NSPCC) educates children by creating a mobile game, Playtime with Pantosaurus.

Playtime with Pantosaurus features four mini-games that educate children on sexual safety rules in a fun and exciting way, such as to always remember who your body belongs to and talk about secrets that upset them.

The game itself is a collaboration of NSPCC with game developer Aardman. They both want to continue their “PANTS” campaign organized by NSPCC.

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The campaign focuses on making children realize what’s right and what’s wrong in a fun way. Additionally, it features Pantosaurus, a mascot in a form of a dinosaur.

Back to the game, since children nowadays love playing with their parent’s gadget, creating a game supporting the campaign sees to be the right choice.

Children can select from three characters that each challenge Pantosaurus on the basketball court or in the diving pool to earn points and win prizes.

Children can also have fun by customizing outfit and styles of the character they play. But to get more access to it, they will need to progress forward to the game.

Each level children will be tested on the PANTS rule to help them gain understanding and knowledge of how to stay safe.

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Unfortunately, we were not able to get our hands on the game because it has not yet released for Indonesian for neither iOS nor Android.

Hence, the dedication from NSPCC and Aardman are really something that Indonesian developers should follow. There have been a lot of campaigns in Indonesia in regards to helping children such as SOS.

But never have been many cases where the campaign evolves into a digital landscape specifically in a form of a game.

The game is freely available on iOS and Android stores.

Source: Aardman, via Gamasutra. Edited by Devi