Salah Sambung Review – Dating Simulation with A Crazy Plot Twist

By Arya Wibowo

Salah Sambung is a nice twist on general flirty chat simulation games. It will make your heart beat faster, for various reasons.

Salah Sambung is a nice twist on general flirty chat simulation games. It will make your heart beat faster for various reasons.

Salah Sambung is a dating simulation game from Rolling Glory Jam about chatting with a girl who randomly texts you, the main protagonist. She suddenly sends you her pictures, asking your opinion about them.

Well, assumedly you are a single guy (or girl), why not give it a try and reply? Nothing to lose, right?

So you reply her chat, pretending to know her, and she chats back so friendly It seems she doesn’t have the tiniest clue that you are not anyone she knows. Well, you don’t know what to do in the end but at least you’re having fun now.

That’s the beginning of your adventure with Luna, a cute and rather innocent girl who has a knack for sending her cute pics to random strangers, like you. As time (or playthrough) goes by, you will learn more about her, her personality, and of course, pictures.

There is something behind those smiles and her innocence, so make sure you poke the right questions and answers.

The gameplay of Salah Sambung is easy to grasp, just like a normal chat, but here you only choose the words that you send, not typing them by yourself. The number of options you can choose usually ranging from one to three. Sometimes, you can trigger an event where Luna sends you some pictures of hers, and it will be added to your photo album. You can see them anytime you want afterward (nope, not creepy).

If you play the free version, you can only play a limited number of endings, which won’t open the full story nor the interesting twist you can encounter in the full version. Despite that, there are still some unsettling clues that will make you wonder who she really is (and tempt you to buy the full version).

There are a total of 25 endings that you can play, with 24 of them included as achievements. The 25th ending, or the true ending, is not included as an achievement.

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I don’t know why Rolling Glory doesn’t add it as an achievement, but user experience-wise, in the end, I was confused whether it’s an ending or not. So I asked them and they confirmed that it is an ending and actually the “true ending” that may lead to a sequel. As much as I’m happy that I can get the true ending in one full version go, the game only gives a small hint that it is an ending. I think every player needs to be congratulated or, perhaps, notified, for getting to the true ending, don’t they?

One more feature that bugs me is the “see you tomorrow” feature that makes you have to wait until tomorrow in real time for her reply or to initiating a chat again. It hampers the fun and the excitement.

I know they’re doing this to enhance the simulation so you feel like chatting with a real girl. But once you finished the game, it feels tedious. I hope that the devs can add some options to skip time, although I actually played the game with some tricks to skip them (thanks to tips from the devs).

Salah sambung review

Anyway, actually the most interesting parts of Salah Sambung doesn’t come from the “answer all the right things right” and getting the true ending. The most interesting parts come when you explore the story and experiment with your answers.

To support you explore, the developers bring you the Reset Chat feature that you can click at the end of a story arc, or click anytime from the option in the corner of you and Luna’s chat. If you choose to reset, you can pick one moment that has a potential for different story arcs.

The story feels like a bit general at the beginning. You are trying to lie to get yourself closer to the girl, make her trust you, and hoping that one moment you finally open up and confess that you are someone else, she will eventually understand and falls into your arms. Just like other dating sims.

Salah Sambung review

But it’s not that simple. You will learn about the real reason Luna texted you in the first place, and the story will become heavier and tingle your imagination, but not naughty imagination I guarantee. This is not that “kind” of game.

The conversation in Salah Sambung, obviously in Indonesian, is very up to date with today’s text conversation style, especially young people. It’s very casual, with texting acronyms and slangs, and sometimes mixed with a little English. Just like most urban young Indonesians do.

Overall, Salah Sambung is a fresh take on dating sim/chat sim that has an unsettling twist. If you want it safe, you can curb your naughtiness and pick the right answers. But if you want some twist that will take you another level, then pick the brave answers!

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