5 Reasons Why You Must Try and Play Indie Games

By Audi Eka Prasetyo

Why indie games? Here’s why!

It’s almost impossible to count all the games that have been released up to this day, either from AAA games or indie games.

Speaking of indie games, do you know that this genre has its own appeal? These are the reasons why you have to try them!

Up to this day, there are more than 17,000 games we can download on Steam. That number, of course, doesn’t include other platforms such as PlayStation, or the big sea of mobile applications market.

What’s interesting from those number is that most of them are indie games! Usually, indie games developers create simpler content with a smaller team and limited budget.

It’s not rare to see a stereotype arise among gamer community. Seeing a game created with a limited budget, they will cynically claim, “the game will not be good.” We beg to differ.

Well, a lot of indie games aren’t that perfect, compared to AAA games you usually played. But, if you’re selective, some of them offer a much unique gaming experience than AAA games!


Indie games are (tend to be) cheap

indie games

Papers Please

One of the main reasons to play indie games is their significantly cheaper price. Usually, AAA games have a price range around US$40-60, plus a lot of DLCs to be bought separately.

Meanwhile, indie games prices range from US$5 to US$20. If you have a limited budget to buy games, this could be a solution for you. Roughly, you can get 3-5 indie games at a price of an AAA game.


So many genres to choose from

indie games

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

As mentioned above, most of the games sold on Steam are indie games. This means you can pick any genre to be bought and played.

But you need to remember one thing. Not all indie games are well polished and that good to be played again and again. We recommend you to read the community reviews thoroughly first before you decide.


More creative and unique

indie games


Indie games developers usually spread their “wings” or are more idealist in creating their games. This results in uniquely new characters, world, and gameplay you’ve never imagined before.

Nowadays, most AAA games tend to “copy” a successful formula in creating their games, because major studios usually don’t have that many spaces to experiment. If one title fails, it could lead to team disband or even a closure.

It’s different with indie games. Since they have a low budget and usually are not being controlled by the investor, they can serve you whatever they want.

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Developed and dedicated to fans

Stardew Valley

Purpose of indie games team developing their games is not only to attract the attention of a publisher or a big company but they also do it just because they really love games!

Usually, indie games developers also know really well what their fans love to play, and what they want.


Support for indie games developers

indie games

Don’t Starver Together

By purchasing and playing indie games, indirectly you’ve supported and helped small game studios for funding their next project.

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This means you’ll help this new generation of game developers to gain experience, thus, enabling them to create something bigger than ever!

What’s your favorite indie games? Please let us know!

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