Aquatico: A Sea Themed Board Game by Manikmaya Games

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Not only the sea, but the game also highlights other water ecosystems in Indonesia such as mangrove forest!

One of Indonesia’s top board game publishers, Manikmaya Games, is set to release their newest board game: Aquatico. The game focuses on water-themed biodiversity from all over Indonesia.

In creating Aquatico, Manikmaya Games collaborates with Coral Triangle Center. It is a foundation based in Bali whose mission is to raise the awareness of coastal and marine ecosystems among the younger generations.

These two teams will host an educational workshop called “Marine Ecosystem Game-Based Learning with Aquatico”. The workshop itself will be held in Sanur, Bali on February 23, 2018. What’s cool is that the workshop will feature their board game, Aquatico.

Although the game has been on sale since January of 2018, Manikmaya Games confirmed that the official launch will be through this event.

The game itself introduces us to 7 types of sea ecosystem in Indonesia which includes deep sea, river, lake, seagrass beds, wetlands, coral reefs, and also mangrove forest. It also introduces us to 8 types of animal that inhabit those ecosystems including milky storks, clown fish, blue whales, proboscis monkies, pora-pora fish, dugongs, dolphins and also sunfish.

Aquatico is designed by Brendan Satria and illustrated by Rezza Rainaldy. These two people are supported by ecosystem experts from Coral Triangle Center. The game focuses on bringing education and is suitable for students and also family.

Last year, Manikmaya Games represented Indonesia, showcasing their games in the event called Spiel (or often called Essen Game Fair). They showcased 12 games which include UptimeKeris TandingRoket Raket, and also introduced Aquatico for the first time.

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The Gameprime team still hasn’t played the game yet. But, we feel that this is a must-play board game. Looking at the pictures, we can see that the game has a nice illustration and will help to give us knowledge of Indonesian water ecosystem.

The game itself contains:

  • 56 Ecosystem Cards
  • 2 Score Cards
  • 14 Animal Cards
  • 8 Recovery Token
  • 1 Rulebook (English)
  • 1 Rulebook (Indonesia)

If you want to support and buy the game—which costs around $14—you can do so by visiting its official store page in Tokopedia and Bukalapak. For more information regarding the game, you can visit Manikmaya Games’ official website.

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