Crimson451 Demo Review: First Ever Cyberpunk Sidescrolling Game from Indonesia


Indonesian developer Visionesia earlier this year released their first demo for Crimson451. It is a side-scroller cyberpunk adventure game with a lot of unique features. Here is our Crimson451 demo review.

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Idea and Story

Crimson451 is a side-scroller cyberpunk adventure game, where you can do lots of stuff like fighting, parkour, hacking, and even sabotaging automatons. But the twist is that these activities can only be done by a certain character, so you have to change between characters.

It is a game developed by Indonesian developer, Visionesia Studio. They are brave enough to create a dystopian cyberpunk platformer game similar to Ghost in a Shell and Blade Runner.

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Set in a fictional city, Nu Preanger, Crimson451 resolves around three women with different characteristics and background. Marin, Tamara, and Alex will be the main characters. You play as they try to solve the mystery of Nu Preanger. The city itself is controlled by a corporate industry named Hemisphere.



Cool characters, you can hack, fight, and scan.

The idea of the game sounds really cool, but not until you play the demo. We had a really rough time especially in the early stages of the game. Firstly, we were straight into the action without any tutorial except only the markings on the wall and the information page.

There was also no health bar so we didn’t know how much our characters’ health were left when fighting against enemies. Not only that, fighting in this game feels so frustrating. There were times when our character had to fight 2 enemies but there were pillars getting in the way.

The only tutorial in the very beginning of the game is visioned through two arrows in a wall which means to double jump.

Other than the pillars making it really difficult for us to fight, the dodging system is also not polished. It’s really hard to time your dodge (you actually roll to dodge) but once you get it, you will be far from the enemy. It’s no wonder we took about 2 hours to complete the very first stage.

Nevertheless, we like the concept and idea that Crimson451 brings to the table, as mentioned earlier. It’s really established and can be seen the very first time you hit the play button.

You would not realize that there is an enemy behind that pillar.

Graphics and Music

Crimson451 demo review

Our team previously interviewed with the Game Designer of Visionesia, Barli Achmad Jabbar. He told us that one of the vocal-points of this game would be to have a beautiful high-definition artwork, tight gameplay, and stellar audio.

On the beautiful high definition artwork, we can’t agree less. This game’s artwork is simply phenomenal. You wouldn’t realize it is made by an Indonesian developer.

In terms of audio and music, Visionesia is closely working with renowned Indonesian rock band, Koil. Their goal is to deliver an audio experience which has never before heard in any Indonesian video game to date.



The game’s concept, idea, and the story that Visionesia brings to the table are really promising. However, we do think that that gameplay needs to be more polished. Although it’s only a demo, we feel like Visionesia will be capable of doing so.

So, that is our Crimson451 review. If you want to play the demo, you can go straight to this link. Also, you can support Visionesia by visiting their website or Crimson451‘s  Facebook page and give them feedback regarding the game itself.

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