Facebook Announces Facebook Gaming Creator Program to Rival Twitch and YouTube

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Will Facebook Gaming be the next Twitch?

it’s obvious that Twitch and Youtube are the two most popular channels for streaming games. But Facebook apparently also wants to be a part of it. On January 27, Facebook introduced the Facebook Gaming Creator Program.

We have seen for the last few years that Facebook is focusing on video features. Now, they become more specific to gaming with the Facebook Gaming Creator Program. This means that Facebook will rival Twitch and Youtube to gain more streamers to watch on Facebook.

Facebook announced that their program will focus on four aspects which are:

  • Helping game creators build more meaningful and more engaged communities on Facebook than on anywhere else
  • Increasing discovery and distribution across multiple surfaces, including, Instagram, and Oculus
  • Supporting game creators with the types of tools they need to make live streaming games on Facebook
  • Building a platform where creators at every level have the opportunity to thrive

It’s a really tough challenge for Facebook, but it makes sense for Indonesia seeing it’s gaming communities active on Facebook. It’s also worth noting that a lot of eSport streaming contents from Indonesia are not on Twitch. It rather exists on Facebook and Youtube.

Facebook Gaming Creator Program

Introducing the Facebook Gaming Creator Program! We're excited to welcome our first group of gaming creators onto the platform. For more information and how to sign up, click here:

Posted by Facebook Games on 25 ಜನವರಿ 2018

At the moment, Facebook has contacted several gaming content creators from various channels such as StoneMountain64TheWarpzone, and DarkMane. That means that these streamers will focus on publishing their contents only on Facebook.

It’s really nice for Facebook to optimize the user experience in streaming games, especially when a streamer can stream videos up to 1080p quality with 60fps. According to a couple of media sources, Facebook also plans to monetize and help creators.

Viewers can donate at a minimum of USD $3 to the streamer. They are also able to subscribe, but not sure whether it’s for a long period of time or on a monthly basis like Twitch. These features haven’t been announced by Facebook yet.

Gaming Video Content’s Audience Surpasses Conventional Legacy Media

The growth of gaming video content right now can not be dismissed. It has already surpassed the conventional cable TV audience.

If you are a streamer and interested in joining the Facebook Gaming Creator Program, you can sign up immediately.

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