Free Fire Battlegrounds Review: Garena’s Fun and Engaging Battle Royale Mobile Game

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Realeasing it’s newest game, Garena, one of Indonesia’s top publishers, aims to gather success with game industry’s famous genre, battle royale. Here is our Free Fire Battlegrounds’ review.

Releasing its newest game, Garena, one of Indonesia’s top publishers, aims to gather success with game industry’s famous genre, battle royale. had the time to play the game. Here is our Free Fire Battlegrounds review.

Free Fire Battlegrounds is a mobile game for Android and iOS that redefines survival genre. We mainly know zombie games as survival games. But the genre has changed to be known as this type of games. So, let’s get straight to our Free Fire Battlegrounds review.


The first aspect that we want to highlight is definitely the gameplay. Just like other battle royale games, you will be thrown from an airplane to land in an island filled with other people. You will then have to find ammunition, weapons, and also healing kits.

Then, the job is simple. Simply wipe out anyone you see and be the last man/woman standing. But hold on, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Game Controls

In Free Fire Battlegrounds, there are a lot of controls you need to master. There is an option to attack, duck, and also to lay down on the floor. There is no doubt that if you are unused to it, you will get a hard time just like what we experienced.

Less than 3 minutes into the game, we got killed because we didn’t know what to do.

Garena Officially Releases Free Fire Battlegrounds, Survival Shooter Game for Mobile

One of Indonesia's top game publishers, Garena, released its new game called Free Fire Battlegrounds. Players on Android and iOS can now play the survival shooting game for free.

If you are not familiar with these controls, then there is a high possibility you will panic, just like us. But don’t worry, you will get used to the controls by playing time to time.


In terms of graphic, we will be very clear from the start. It’s not a high spec game. Although graphics are vital to some players, this has a benefit for mid to low spec phones. Garena, in our opinion, did a great job to optimize the size of the game to suit Indonesian (or Southeast Asian) players, who mainly play using mid to low-end phones.


Free Fire Battlegrounds Review

If good graphics games are your thing, then we do not recommend you playing Free Fire Battlegrounds. But if you love battle royale games and want to have fun with your friends, you must definitely play it.

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