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Google Games Console is Coming to Rival PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Wait, what? Is it going to be as cool as the PS4 or Xbox One?

Looks like we are going to have another competitor for gaming consoles. This time it will be Google to join the party. So, how is this Google games console going to be? Curious? Find out the answer here.

Look out, Google console is coming in hot, experts believe. Google looks likely to expand its already wealthy business, this time to the gaming console. The news arrived first from Daily Star claiming the company has just recently hired a gaming industry veteran, Phil Harrison.

This makes us wonder, why would Google hire a popular name such as Phil Harrison? Harrison is the man behind PlayStation’s console development. He was, in fact, part of the Sony organization for 15 years.

In addition, he spent 3 years working for Microsoft’s Xbox team. That means we all know his reputation in gaming consoles. In Google, Harrison is appointed as Vice President and GM of Google.

He recently tweeted that he is happy to be part of the team.

Industry experts also believe that there will be a chance for Google to unveil its new console secretly in the Game Developer Conference. Of course, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will be there and will be wondering what Google has come to offer.

Since Google is also the developer of the famous operating system, Android, will the console be using Android as its operating system? So will it also be able to play famous Android games such as Clash of Clans or Arena of Valor?

Google Consoles

Phil Harrison who previously worked in Microsoft’s Xbox One team. Source: Polygon

No one knows the answer just yet. but we can assume that it would be using a more powerful version of Android. We also think that the console Google will introduce will not be focused on mobile games at all since it is on a whole different platform.

Google is one of the wealthiest technology companies in the world. Being popular for their search engine, Google also has other products to offer.

It has Google Pixelbook that rivals premium laptops such as Apple’s MacBook Air and also Microsoft laptops. It also surprisingly went into the smartphone industry with the Google Pixel lineup.

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Now, with its decision to hire a highly named figure in the gaming console industry, will it compete?

Source: Daily Star. Edited by Devi




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