Indonesian Legendary eSports Team XCN Gaming Reborn with Support from Yamisok


XCN Gaming is back! Now with support from Yamisok, they once again aim to be one of the best eSports organizations in Indonesia!

Executioner (XCN) Gaming once was one of the strongest Indonesian eSport teams, especially in Counter Strike. Established in 2003, XCN already represented Indonesia in some international tournaments like World Cyber Games in 2015.

XCN Gaming
Ng Donny – Yamisok Tech Indonesia CEO

So, everybody was surprised when PT. Yamisok Tech Indonesia announced that they revive and give full support to XCN Gaming. Now, this team does not only compete in Counter Strike (now Counter Strike: Global Offensive) but also in Dota 2, CrossFire, and Mobile Legends.

Here are some details about XCN Gaming and also the teams.

XCN Gaming

XCN Gaming
Frans Silalahi – XCN General Manager

XCN Gaming established in 2003 by Ferdinand Putra or known as iMothed. Only just two years after the establishment, this Counter Strike team represented Indonesia in World Cyber Games 2005, Singapore after being a national champion. After that, XCN successfully engrave their name in Indonesian eSports history with dozens of national and international awards

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Unfortunately, in 2012 XCN Gaming took a break from national Counter Strike scene after the departure of their founder, Ferdi. But then, at the end of 2017, they were reborn with a combination of senior and junior players. This combination is quite powerful, with a proof that XCN Gaming can compete with other big names in Indonesia.

XCN Gaming’s last achievement was qualified to Grand Final Indonesian Qualifier WESG 2017. Unfortunately, they were beaten by one of the best teams in Indonesia right now Recca eSports.


XCN Gaming wants to show their domination in FPS. Not only Counter Strike, but also their CrossFire team proves that they are one of the bests in Indonesia. Now, led by “KuRN”, this team is ready to win every match in every competition that they participate in.

Dota 2

XCN Gaming Reborn
Exhibition Match XCN vs TNT (Myanmar)

In the past, the XCN Gaming’s Dota Team is one of the bests in Southeast Asia. Their capabilities and achievement successfully impressed Fnatic to acquire the team. Unfortunately, they didn’t participate in any competitions when Dota 2 was first launched because of the member’s full activity.

Now, XCN announced that the Dota 2 division is back with 4 international players (3 from Australia and 1 from the Philippines) plus one local veteran player “2hoi”. This combination surely will be a good sign to restore the XCN legacy in Dota 2 scene, both local and international.

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Mobile Legends

XCN Gaming
XCN Stars

Now XCN Gaming is preparing one more team to compete in local Mobile Legends competition. But before that, currently, XCN had an all-female team called XCN Stars.

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