Analysts: ‘Mobile Game Session Slightly Decreased in 2017’

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Yahoo’s analytics firm Flurry states that mobile game session is slightly decreasing in 2017. Will it affect the mobile game revenue also?

Yahoo’s analytics firm Flurry states that mobile game session is slightly decreasing in 2017. Will it affect the mobile game revenue also?

Mobile is the future of the game industry. Every year, the number of games released on Android or iOS continue to increase. But sadly, in terms of session, the mobile game slightly decreases compared to the number from 2016 data.

According to the analysis by Yahoo’s analytics firm Flurry, mobile app usage is starting to slow down. There are five app categories that experience the session’s drop, including mobile games. Surprisingly, mobile games are one of the categories that plummet the most.

Flurry states that mobile game session decreased around 16% last year, down 1% from the 2016 report. With this number, mobile games are just behind lifestyle apps that experience the dropped around 40%. The three other application categories that also experience the declining are Sports, Photography, and Personalization, each with 8%.

Although some of the application session is decreasing, in overall the application usage is growth by 6% on average. Shopping application contributes the most session growth with around 54% increase than 2016. The growth followed by other app categories such as Music, Media & Entertainment (with 43% growth); Business & Finance (33%); and Utilities & Productivity (20%).

In Flurry’s mid-year report, we know that the number of individual session is decreasing but growing in terms of length. Flurry recorded that average mobile gameplay session in 2017 is 7 minutes and 6 seconds, up from the 6 minutes and 22 seconds recorded in 2016.

Take a look at the graph below for the details

mobile game sessions decreased

Is it affect the mobile game revenue?

Although the session is declining each year, some analysts predict that the mobile game market will continue to grow year by year. In 2017 mobile games market generated more than US$50.4 billion, or 43% of the global game market. This number will continue to increase, and Newzoo predicts that in 2020, mobile games will generate around US$72.3 billion or more than 50% of the global game market.

In 2020, 50% of Global Games Market Will be from Mobile Games

Mobile games will further dominate in terms of revenue streams, and the total global games market is catching up to "real" sports business.

Overall, some analysts predict that app store revenue will hit a new record in 2018, and will give a bigger impact on the industry. AppAnnie predicts that the revenue from Android and iOS will increase significantly in 2018 to surpass the US$100 billion.

Source: Flurry via Gamasutra. Edited by Devi




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