More Than Half Mobile Gamers Are Okay With Ads in Free Games, According to Survey

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More than a half mobile gamers who don’t pay to remove ads said that they’re okay to get “disturbed” by ads inside a game as long as the game remains free, according to Facebook.

Placing ads is one of the methods that developers can use to gain revenue from free download games. But sometimes, developers use it too much that it can affect the game’s UI and UX. Thankfully, some developers give an option to remove ads by doing an in-app purchase. But, do all players think that ads disturb them while playing free games?

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This is the interesting part. According to a survey conducted by Facebook, 57% of mobile gamers who haven’t paid to remove ads from games are okay with seeing advertisements while playing free games. But the fact comes with an exception that the developers should keep the game free to play and should not force players to pay some money to continue their progress.

mobile gamers survey
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Facebook published the result after they conducted the survey between December 2016 and May 2017. The survey collected responses from around 400 developers, 100 advertisers, and 6,000 gamers. Interestingly, 55% of the gamers are identified as females, whom previously are stated worth more than male gamers.

The survey also found that gamers already know and accept that terms (ads for keeping the games free) when they decide to download. So, they don’t complaint if they get disturbed by ads (including video ads) while playing, as long as the game is still free.

Ads > Premium Games

mobile gamers survey
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The survey also found that more than a half respondents said that they prefer to watch a rewarded video ads than pay a premium game. To be exact, around 54% of respondents in the US said that. Also, they claimed that rewarded video ads make them more likely to buy IAP and play the advertised games.

Then, 71% of the respondents said that watching video ads was their most preferred method of paying for content and give the developer revenue. From that number, 46% think that rewarded video ads are the most useful ads methods among all the others.

This result likely echoes the result from AppAnnie’s survey to developers. AppAnnie’s Survey said that in-app purchase and in-app advertising are the two most popular monetization methods for developers, especially in games. A total of 59% of respondents selected each of those methods.

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For the revenue, AppAnnie’s survey also found that video ads are still the most popular format for developers to gain revenue. That method was selected by 36% respondents, followed by static banner ads (22%) and static full-screen ads (12%).

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