Capcom’s Fastest Selling Game Goes to: Monster Hunter World

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

So, what’s its secret to success?

Monster Hunter World becomes the fastest selling Capcom game ever. The company announced it through its official blog confirming 6 million units shipped in just two weeks. So, what’s its secret to success?

It’s no question that Capcom is one of gaming Industry’s successful publishers. The company based in Japan recently announced on February 9, 2018, that its newest game, Monster Hunter World became the fastest shipped game in Capcom history.

The game was adapted from Monster Hunter series which was first introduced in 2004. The series consists of hunting action games that pit players against giant monsters in a beautiful natural environment. Since the first release, the series has had a significant growth of fans. On February 9, 2018, Monster Hunter series had over 46 million sales worldwide.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is the newest game in the series that made the most success. Capcom announced earlier last month that the game has shipped 5 million units in just 3 days. Bear in mind, this number accounts for digital sales and the number of units shipped to retailers (but not necessarily sold to consumers).

So, what’s the reason behind the success of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game? We assume that other than the series name which is already a huge name, there is also another factor. That factor would be that this game is friendly for newcomers.

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There are a lot of players who probably would think twice before buying or even playing just because it’s an old series. But Monster Hunter World is different than the previous series. It brings a more fresh and open world experience to players and also a co-op feature.

In Indonesia, this game has been on the radar as one of the hottest topics in console gaming. So, hat’s off to Capcom for their newest masterpiece.

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