Anak Sholeh’s Update Encourages Parents to be more Active

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

This game’s update from Agate Studio will make parents and children feel the same amount of fun.

Agate Studio, an Indonesian developer, has released an update for Game Anak Sholeh. This update brings excitement to the table for not only children but also parents. So what is the update about? Find out in the article below.

The new update for game Anak Sholeh brings up a feature called Real Life Mission. As its name suggests, children will have missions that need to be finished with their parents in real life. Agate Studio finds this feature to be useful, especially for busy parents.

With “Real Life Mission”, the developers hope that it can bring a positive energy for families especially with parents and their children. But Agate Studio does not only offer this feature in the newest update.

Not only does Agate Studio offer this feature in the newest update, it also introduced another feature called “Jurnal Sholeh” for Pendamping Anak Sholeh app. In case you haven’t heard, this app is for parents only, and its purpose is to see your children’s activity in Game Anak Sholeh.

The newest feature enables parents to see their children’s activity in the game. They can view results of quizzes taken by the children. They also can view the overall-progress so that they can take actions by helping what their children do not understand.

The fun doesn’t stop here. The last feature that Agate Studio introduced is a messaging feature. With this feature, parents can send in-game messages to their children to motivate and give them support. There is also a news-feed feature where parents can get tips on how to educate their children the proper way.

Game Anak Sholeh and Pendamping Anak Sholeh are two Islamic education games and apps that were released by Agate Studio last year. Not only software, Agate Studio also brings real-life experience in the form of the board-games, books, cards collection, and Augmented Reality (AR).

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You can download Game Anak Sholeh and Pendamping Anak Sholeh right now. If you want to support Agate Studio, you can do so by visiting their website or their Fanpage.

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