Want to be a Youtuber? Here are New Rules that You Must Follow


New Youtube rules that Google implemented last month made quite a shock for some. How do these rules affect Youtubers in general? Especially for those just starting? Find out the answer here.

New Youtube rules state that to apply monetization or implement ads to videos, the creator must have at least 4,000 hours of total overall watch time for the past 12 months. Additionally, the channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers.

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Youtube will carry out this rule on February 20, meaning that the channels that fail to meet the requirements will not be able to make income from ads. We see that Youtube implement harder specific requirements from before.

Before, users only needed a minimum of 10,000 public views instead of total hours. It means that other than being viewed, the content has to have value in terms of minutes watched. This rule might not be the best to hear especially for Indonesian people who want to start their own channel.

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Google stated in its blog post that their team is trying to improve by seeing which creator positively contributes to the community.

They also stated that they have respect for these people and will help drive more ads to them. Aside to the Google blog post, these new rules are implemented due to the case of famous Youtuber, Logan Paul.

Logan published a video that showed a dead body of a person in Japan’s Aokigahara forest. The incident caused the internet to go wild and criticize the actions of Paul. So Google eventually removed Paul off of its Google Preferred ad program.

New Youtube Rules
Logan Paul’s incident triggered Google to make its new policy.

The problems that Google faced regarding inappropriate contents are not something new. They have previously acted on by removing Youtube channels and videos seemingly inappropriate. But the new Youtube rules that Google just announced might be the most aggressive act thus far.

Will it Affect Gaming Youtubers?

It’s no doubt that nowadays gamers tend to go to Youtube and watch specific gaming Youtubers. We can see PewDiePie as the most popular gaming Youtuber known for his “Let’s Play” videos.

He is ranked the number one gaming Youtuber by Mediakix with 6 million subscribers. The Washington Post also claims that games PewDiePie plays have received a significant boost in terms of marketing sales.

The 2nd ranked gaming Youtuber is Vanoss Gaming. The Canadian based channel focuses on games such as Grand Theft Auto VCall of Duty: Black OpsCall of Duty: Modern WarfareSkate 3Dead Rising, and Garry’s ModVanoss Gaming has more than 20 million subscribers and was nominated for “Trending Gamer of the Year Award”.

The third rank gaming Youtuber is Markiplier, an American Youtuber who specializes his contents on survival horror gaming. He has almost 20 million subscribers and continues to post survival horror contents.

We can see that these channels make money and gained fame because of being a gaming Youtuber. This means that it influences others to be the same as them. But with the new rules that Google implemented. It will be harder for them to achieve their goals in being a popular gaming Youtuber.

Do you think Youtube made a right decision by implementing this rule? Share your thoughts in the commentary section.

Source: The Verge, Gamasutra, Google, Mediakix. Edited by Devi