Despite Its Total Players Declining, PUBG is Still The Most Played Steam Game

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Don’t worry, it’s still has a lot of players.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for the first time had a decrease in the total number of active players. However, despite the decline, PUBG is still the most played Steam game. So, what are the actual numbers? Find out in the article below.

Since the beginning of PUBG‘s Beta release in March 2017, the game has had an increase in active players. However this month, for the first time the game had a decrease in concurrent players.

According to SteamCharts, the game had an average of around 1.7 million concurrent players. This number is significantly lower than an average of 2.5-3 million players since November 2017. Previously, the game had declined in average players, but only for a couple days. This time though, it has seen consistent drop within the last week.

Source: Steam Charts

So why did this happen? One of the obvious reasons would be due to the cheating problems the game faced. A post on Reddit suggested that players are not happy with the cheating and also the game’s poor service, constant maintenance, and also not treating the fanbase well enough.

In terms of cheaters, Bluehole Studio (PUBG‘s developer) has acted by banning nearly one million players last January. Surprisingly, IGN reported that 99% of those players being banned are from China.

Another reason why it’s declining in average players is that the lack of new content, a PUBG thread suggests. The developers have not been giving players new content to play with, unlike their rival, Fortnite.

Despite all the negative statement above, keep in mind, PUBG is still the most played game in Steam by a wide margin. It sold 30 million copies not hitting its first year. Not only that, after Tencent has claimed rights for PUBG‘s distribution in China, they will have a localized PUBG game for China.

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This localization surely helps with China’s complicated regulations for games. What do you think of the decrease in average players for PUBG? Do you still believe the game will thrive?

Source: Kotaku/SteamCharts/IGN. Edited by Devi




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